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It hadn't even been three months as she left New Orleans with her daughter when Hayley called her panic flooding her voice.

"Leah, we have a problem," she spoke on the verge of tears.

"Hayley, calm down and tell me what happened," she said worried as her baby played in the crib.

"Marcel has Klaus, Rebekah's Hexed, Kol's dying and Freya's also dying and she left me a list of things to do, I need your help," she spoke with a terrible sob.

"Hayley breathe, and I'll send my my address and we'll do it together okay," she spoke and Hayley sniffled and agreed with her.

Her heart only broke hearing the terrible news. She told Hayley to meet her at her new house. She tried calling Marcel but he didn't answer.

As she saw Hayley approach the drive way she noticed her driving a giant truck and she almost ran out the house. She held Joy who was asleep on her shoulder and as she saw Hayley leave the truck, Hope in her arms and her nose red and eyes puffy. She had definitely been crying.

"Hayley come inside, and take any room there's tons of space, and make yourself at home," she said and Hayley nodded walking inside.

Hayley walked in and chose the room opposite Leah's and luckily she had a spare crib for Hope. Leah attempted to call Marcel all night yet he hadn't answered. The next morning Hayley and Leah placed all the coffins into the basement.

"Hayley stop worrying, they're our family we'll get them back, there is no way in hell I'm letting our daughters grow up without there family, forever and Always is not ending here I won't let it," she spoke and Hayley nodded handing her two envelopes.

"Klaus wanted me to give you this, one is for you and one for Hope and Joy," she spoke and Leah took the two notes out of her hand.

Hayley only walked back to watch the two girls playing in their play room. First she opened the letter for both Joy and Hope wondering what he wanted to say to wait her of them.

My Dearest Hope and my Darling Joy,
I do not know how this will find you my daughters. As a child full of wonder, a teenager full of opinions and dreams, or as two beautiful women with the whole world at your feet. I write to tell you both my princesses that I love you and to explain that in our family's darkest hour I was called upon to save my siblings, something you both will one day understand. Please do not mourn me. Whatever pain I endure, I shall do so in service of the people I love, my only regret is that I will be away from you two, the lights of my life. Be good to both of your mothers, I draw comfort knowing they will protect you. And I am sure neither will rest until our family are together once again. Until then I wish my sacrifice allows you to grow into amazing children or young women. I know you will become the beautiful daughter I can imagine. Please remember that the both of you are our families legacy this family has always desired, the promise we fought to protect. Forever and always.
You two our our families Hope and Joy.

As she read the letter she noticed the tears fall from her face. Before opening the one that had her name written on it she touched it tenderly.

My darling, Wife and Love,
My love I love you and these words mean nothing until i can not prove it to you. Since the moment you walked into my life I have loved you even if I show it horribly. You are my muse and it shows in my art. Look after our daughter and I have no doubt with you she will be happy, as will Hope and Hayley. As I fight for our family to stay alive I will dream of you until I can be there with you and I have no doubt you will fight for us to be together again. Every time I close my eyes I will see you and I hope we find our way back to each other soon. I'll love you forever and always your husband.

Leah hadn't moved standing in the same spot reading the letter over and over again. She regretted ever leaving the compound, she felt as if she had been there nothing would have happened. But she swore she would bring them back and nothing was going to stop her because at the end of the day family over everything.

"We'll get him back, we'll get them all," Hayley spoke touching Leah's shoulder and she nodded.

"Hayley, I shouldn't have left."

"No, it's not your fault," she said wiping the tears in her eyes.

"It is, I left and Marcel drank whatever that serum was, Lucien almost killed you, Rebekah was hexed and Elijah and Kol are dying and so if Freya," she spoke with a light sob.

"Listen to me, none of us blame you, it's not your fault you left klaus treated you, he was such a dick, but we'll get our family back, together every step of the way, always and forever," Hayley spoke comforting Leah.  "Our daughters deserve to be happy, so you will not get sad about anything until we bring them back."

"We start in the morning, I'll with the first werewolf pack, and you work on Rebekah's hex?" Leah spoke and Hayley nodded eagerly.

They knew they would get their family back, because they vowed to never leave anyone behind, and that's what they wouldn't do. They both promised themselves that they would do anything to get their family back. No matter what or who they had to cross and that's what they would do. It would all be in the name of their family.

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