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Marcel called Davina and she was there almost instantly and She grinned seeing Leah And hugged her. She smiled as she saw Kol and Leah smirked at both of them and they chanted something no one else understood.

As they finished the spell Davina smiled at Kol who only grinned at her.

"You know I could always help you de stress that troubled mind, being a witch does take its tolls," he spoke smirking.

As if on cue Marcel walked into the room and look unpleased.

"You either take this seriously or I can always shove you into a coffin next to your brother," he spoke unamused.

"Marcel your mother would never let that happen to me," he spoke with a smirk and Leah looked at him unamused.

"So Leah I think we should catch up," Kol spoke to his best friend and she grinned pulling him upstairs, after he muttered an 'I'll see you later' to Davina  

Leah dragged him upstairs to her and Klaus' room and sat him opposite her with a smile.

"I have something to show you," she grinned and he watched her confused.

"What-" he started but he was stopped when he heard the cries of baby.

Leah picked up her daughter and watched Kol with a grin on her face better she spoke saying, "this is our daughter, Joy Estrid Mikaelson."

"What? How?" He asked amazed at what he was seeing.

Leah explained how his mother had preformed a very powerful spell when they where transitioning soo their baby would be safe. At the end of the story he looked overjoyed. He had asked to hold her and leah immediately handed her baby to her brother.

"She's soo beautiful, just like her mother of course," he spoke watching her intently.

Leah only smiled watching the two of them together. She thought this day would never come yet it had and she hadn't been more happier.

"Leah sweetheart-" Klaus spoke entering the room only to get a deathly glare from his wife.

"Nik it looks like someone's not happy with you," Kol spoke with a smirk on his face.

Klaus rolled his eyes at him immature brother. His daughter began to cry in the arms of god brother and he panicked, leah only laughed and Klaus took his baby from his arms.

"Brother I want you to meet Hope, my daughter," he spoke as Elijah held her.

"You have twins?" He spoke confused and he shook his head.

"Nope, your brother is a cheat,"  Leah spoke ignoring her husbands presence.

Leah was clearly still angry at her husband and he knew it. He shouldn't have thrown Finn into the coffin and maybe she wouldn't have been soo angry at him.

"He's always been a sort of animal, a dog really,"   Kol spoke his smirk still painted on his face.

Leah only laughed at his comment and Klaus rolled his eyes talking both Hope and Joy into another room.

"Are you going to tell me where or why you disappeared to for fifty six years then or not?" He asked his eyes serious.

"Klaus, he was getting a witch to make a dagger, one for me and I felt so betrayed, so I left him I started in Atlanta then after two years I moved to New York, then California and then France, after that I didn't stay anywhere long enough," she spoke with a shrug.

"We searched every city in almost every continent."

"I know and you where very close almost everytime."

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