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"I know how we can kill the hollow," Entered a panicked Freya followed behind by Vincent.

"How exactly are we meant to kill a two thousand year old witch?" Klaus spoke his eyes rolling.

"Labonair blood is her Achilles' heel, and she must be stabbed with a blade made up of yours and joys blood, the oldest and the youngest Labonair and it most be in her heart," Freya spoke and Hayley nodded.

"You want me to get my daughter to bleed?" Leah asked watching her in disbelief. "I don't want my daughter involved."

"She's already involved, the hollow wants her more than it wants anyone else," Freya spoke and Leah sighed with a nod.

Freya later made the knife and handed it to Leah knowing she had to be the one to stab her since she was at more of an advantage than her. As soon as they reached the abandoned the house where the hollow resided Freya stopped watching the door cautiously.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Leah spoke noticing her change in mood.

"I really never thought twice about fighting or dying for family before, but this time it feel different," she spoke her voice upset.

"However now, with Keelin and you have someone you're afraid you're not gonna make it home to," she said understand the situation and Freya watched her palm. "You will make it home, Freya. Ive always got your back."

"Leah ,I know we haven't recently seen eye-to-eye, but, I suppose family rarely does and I'm very thankful that you're my family," Freya spoke and Leah smiled at her expression happy.

"Aunt Astrid?" Leah spoke her voice soft and scared. "My child I have been waiting for you," she spoke her voice soft and her hand reaching to touch her face.

"How am I here, how are you here?" Leah spoke her voice panicked.

"Well my dear, I am no expert, but I'm guessing you're going through some kind of psychological break right now. You've been through hell. So your mind took you somewhere peaceful, Honestly, I'm flattered you thought of me. I would have Figured your happy place would be somewhere with your husband."

"If I'm unconscious, then I need to wake up, Aunt Astrid I need to wake up," she spoke her voice starting to get panicked.

"I know, my child I am on your side We shall get you back in the fight, before this Hollow finishes whatever she started," her aunt said her voice soft and gentle.

"Is he good to you?" Asked her aunt referring to her husband and she only kept her mouth shut. "My child, talk to me. I want to know."

"He has been good to me, but sometimes he is not, he's not the same as when I fell for him, he was a hopeless romantic, one you and uncle Erik hadn't wanted me to wed, now he is the ruthless man you wanted, however when I was scared of being a mom, he made me feel safe. But now I, I do not know who he is," she spoke admitting to her aunt.

"Well, if you wanted safety, you should have stayed with your uncle and I. We could have chose you a suitable man which we would have chosen for you dear. We could have married you accordingly my hold. But you were in love with him," she spoke her aunt appalled at the fact she was married to Niklaus, gripping her arm tight.

"Aunt I-" her aunt hadn't let her finish instead she laughed bitterly before scoffing.

"My child, it is old, sad story, the monsters treated you like crap, turned you into a girl who loves monsters and you became a monster. The monster your parents so badly wanted to pull you away from. However you did that yourself, you made yourself into a monster. All for your always and forever, one vow that will destroy you," she spoke her voice getting bitter and bitter.

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