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Waking earlier that morning Leah noticed she was in her own clothes and she was alone in the morning. Instead of getting out of bed she pulled the cover over face. Closing her eyes she sighed hoping to fall back asleep yet instead she only tossed and turned. A knock can't from her door and she groaned. Without taking off her blanket she knew it was Klaus.

"I got you breakfast..and blood," he spoke putting a tray on the table beside her bed. "My love you must get out of bed."

"No," She spoke holding the blanket tighter and he sighed walking to get pulling it off.

"I do not know what may have happened but I'll kill him if you wish," he spoke and she only glared at him And he shrugged sitting at the end of the bed.

As he sat he put the tray next to her and the blood bag in her hands. She only fiddled with it before drinking it her eyes closed as she felt refreshed.

"No you won't Nik," she spoke with a look of distaste and he sighed with a small smile.

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" He asked and she shook her head drinking the blood.

They two only sat in silence and for one it wasn't as awkward one nor one that left one another angry at each other. Instead it was a comforting and somewhat normal.

"Catch," Leah shouted throwing a chocolate at Klaus which landed in his hair and she giggled and he watched her with a small smile.

"You'll have to take it out now," he spoke and she rolled her eyes her small smile not leaving her face.

Moving closer she pulled the chocolate out his hair and he smiled at her she cleared her throat as she sat further away from him.

After a few moments he left the room and she sighed with relief not wanting to spend more time with him. After she ate she went to shower and change into something other than her pyjamas.

Closing the door after her shower she grew startled as Sebastian sat on her bed his hands held together as if he was nervous.

"What are You doing here?" She spot and he looked at her his face softening at the sight of her.

"I need to explain, I owe you an explanation," he said and she nodded at him.

"I'm going to change and then we can talk?" She spoke watching him hopeful and he nodded.

She quickly took her sweat pants, her t shirt and her matching lingerie from the bed and walked into her closest quickly putting them on. Before she left the closest she quickly brushed out her hair which was still kind of wet.

Walking out her closet she smiled at him and cleared her throat nervously and his eyes met her. Gesturing her to come over to him she only nodded and sat next to him her hands playing together nervously.

"You always play with your hands when you're nervous," he spoke taking her hand in hers.

She only watched her hands in his and he smiled at her lightly.

"Are you going to leave me?" She asked her eyes watching him worried and he watched her his smile leaving his face.

"Leah I love you, I really do," he spoke and she nodded.

"I love you too."

"And of course I love our Joy too," he said and she smiled the moment he said our.

"But, there's always a but," She said worried and he watched her nervously once again.

"It's Cassandra, and I love her too well, loved I do not know how I-" He said as she interrupted him.

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