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Hopes friends have been staying at Leah's house for the past two days and Joy has barely left her room. Everytime she would Klaus would attempt to talk to her and she hated it. Joy played with the breakfast on her plate. However as she was leaving the table her dad stopped her.

"Joy can we talk, I just want to talk," Klaus spoke watching her and she scoffed.

"No, I want to talk again, since you don't listen," she spoke with a sigh and he watched her intently.  "Father, you broke my heart you are a reminder you are the reminder of everything I've never had, from a father to happiness, everything I've missed out on is your fault, you could have been the father I needed but you didn't! I was fifteen when I triggered my werewolf side, I broke every bone in my body and it took hours and I only wanted you, I called you over a hundred times that night, I needed my dad, I've never once wanted you as much as then, I dont need you anymore, I'm fine without you so you can leave again if you want, I DONT NEED YOU, I DONT NEED ANYONE."

"You might not need me, but I need you, you're my daughter, I've wanted you for a thousand years, I should have picked up my phone and I'm so sorry."

"I will never forgive you, I DID EVERYTHING I WAS TOLD, I was good I thought you would hate me if I wasn't, I did everything right, you could have called me you didn't even have to come to see me a call would have been fine."

"Joy I am so sorry I know I should have called or done something, and I wish I could turn back time but I can't, there is nothing I want more to spend time with you."

"You know I've heard the bad stories of the big bad wolf, and I defended you, I defended you with everything in me, but they where right and father you can live forever, and maybe I will too but I'll never forgive you and I won't be by your side," she spoke and her dad stopped her. 

"You can't leave until you listen to me, do you think I didn't want to pick up my phone and call you back, I tried to distance myself from you so you'd have a chance, I wanted you to be happy, but I can't even think about not being in your life."

"I will never forgive you, I don't even know how mom could forgive you so many times you've cheated on her, you've treated her like Shit and everything else you've done, I'll hold a grudge for mom and me."

"Joy what do you want me to do? I'm trying, I am trying so hard and you don't even care."

"AFTER ELEVEN YEARS WHY WOULD I CARE!" She shouted at her father her eyes turning yellow. "I needed you when I was a kid, I've only had your love for one day when I was seven, do you think I've forgotten every single day from my life where I've felt like you hated me."

"Look Joy I-"

"Can you leave me alone, you've done it well for the past eleven years do it for the rest."

"Do you know where your name came from?" He spoke asking his daughter who watching him confused. "Me your mother, Uncle Kol and your aunt Rebekah where sat behind our home, we had this valley and it was spring Joy the flowers where so beautiful, your mother was pregnant and we found out you where having a baby, we where all so happy, you where our Joy and have been since the day we found out about you, that night Kol and I where walking and your mother had trees pink flowers in her hair and that night she looked so happy, your uncle Kol called you a a blessing and that you'd bring our family Joy when you where born, and then I said we'd name you Joy because that what you are, and I've wanted nothing more than to meet you from that day, but I got you a thousand years later and I was so so scared I'd ruin you so I pushed you away, and I haven't regretted anything more, other than treating your mother so terribly and I'm here to apologise for it I know I'm late and I don't deserve your forgiveness but I want us to get to know each other."

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