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Disclaimer: I do not own any pictures used in this story or the characters. 

There will be blood, swear words, etc. and this is a fem reader x Su-Hyeok

I will also change a few things in this book.

I still hope you all will like it!

I ran around the outside of the school with my two best friends, On-jo and I-sak.

We had been best friends since childhood and at the moment every student was cleaning the school.

We got brooms and as On-jo and I-sak started talking, I looked to my left.

There, three of my other friends were walking by us, talking.

Gyeong-su, Cheong-san and Su-Hyeok.

I looked at the latter a bit longer until I-sak nudged me.

"Y/n, come on. He'll notice you if you stare too much"

" Yeah, yeah. I know" I said.

When we were done with cleaning, we started heading out.

All six of us.

I was walking with Su-Hyeok as the other four talked about eating at Cheong-san's mom's restaurant.

Laughing, as On-jo and Cheong-san started bickering I was happy.

I knew, that both liked each other but wouldn't say anything about it.

I-sak and I always tried to give them hints, but they wouldn't get it.

I-sak also knew about my 'small' crush on Su-hyeok.

As I was walking beside him, I looked up at him, since he was taller by quite a bit.

(Imagine your guys' height difference is like the one of him and On-jo)

He looked back down at me and smiled lightly.

"What's up, Y/n?" he asked.

"Uh...I was just thinking about if you wanted to do something later today?" I answered nervously.

"Yeah sure, we can find some place to eat, if you want to."


The two of us lived pretty close to each other.

I lived on the 5th floor of our apartment complex and he resided on the 6th.

"Hey, On-jo, guys!" I shouted at them, making their heads turn.

"See you tomorrow" I yelled and waved them, as I continued walking beside Su-Hyeok.

"Bye!" The four of them replied, but I-sak started smirking at me.

Getting embarrassed, I turned around again and talked to Su-Hyeok.

***(Time skip)

As we walked through the city, we saw light coming from Cheong-san's mom's restaurant.

"Aren't they closed today?" I asked quietly as we got closer.

"Let's look" Su-Hyeok suggested.

I opened the door and saw I-sak, On-jo, Cheong-san and Gyeong-su eating seasoned chicken.

They all looked up at me and Su-Hyeok as we entered.

"I thought you guys had closed today?" I asked.

"Yeah, but we are trying a new recipe" On-jo answered.

"Wanna join us?" Gyeong-su asked.

"Do you want to? I'll come if you go." I heard Su-Hyeok whisper to me.

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