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But he doesn't get far.

Nam-ra grabs Wu-jin's shoulder before snapping his neck.

His lifeless body drops to the ground, and I bury my face in my hands, trying to control my tears.

We all stare at Wu-jin's bloody body in silence, tears leaving all of our eyes.

Su-hyeok runs over to me, grabbing my shoulder.

"Su-hyeok..." I whisper, before turning to him.

For a second, I look up at him before looking back at Wu-jin.

"Wu-jin...he...he..." My voice dies down and I stop trying to get out any words.

I quickly bury my head in his chest as I wrap my arms around him.

My tears don't stop running down my face as he holds me tightly.

I look at him for a moment, seeing tears shine in his eyes as he tries stopping himself from crying.

His right hand slowly combs through my hair, and I know that he's trying to comfort me.

Memories about Wu-jin start playing through my mind.

Him being annoyed with Dae-su, letting me sleep on his shoulder, and much more.

I bite my lip, trying to stop the thoughts from resurfacing because I know that it'll only hurt me more.

He had been such a good friend.

"More are coming. Let's go. There won't be any that way" I hear Nam-ra's voice.

I slowly let go of Su-hyeok and look at the others.

Dae-su is crying to himself while Ha-ri is still on the ground, tears falling from her eyes slowly.

My eyes go to Nam-ra as her alarmed expression returns.

It still isn't over?

Why do there have to be so many zombies?!

But quickly, Su-hyeok takes my hand.

"Come on, it's not safe here. Let's go." He tells us.

I nod slowly, looking at Wu-jin again.

From the corner of my eye, I watch as Ha-ri stands up, taking a shovel into her hands.

Then she stands up in a flash and walks up to Nam-ra.

Mi-jin tries stopping her, but she continues walking by Nam-ra.

She probably wants to try killing the rest of the zombies...

But Nam-ra stops her, grabbing her arm before throwing away Ha-ri's shovel.

Ha-ri stares at her in shock, before shoving Nam-ra away from her.

Nam-ra takes a few steps back, staring at Ha-ri.

"Don't die for no reason" Nam-ra tells her sternly.

I can see Ha-ri starting to shake again as tears continue falling from her eyes.

But quickly, Nam-ra turns away, looking worried.

A few stray tears leave her own eyes.

"If we run now, we might make it. We should have enough time."

Mi-jin starts approaching her, staring in disbelief.

Then she takes a deep breath, shaking her head at Nam-ra.

"I know I've killed a lot of zombies myself, but a human being would apologize for killing her brother right in front of her." She says, her stare turning into a glare.

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