I need your advice

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Hi everyone!!! 

Sorry that this isn't an update, but I seriously need your guys' advice.

But before that something happy:

Yesterday, the 22nd of September, was my birthday!!!

And not only Tom Felton has his birthday on that day, but Seungmin from stray kids too, so that's really cool.

But about the advice-thingy:

So, there is this guy from my school.

And we were casually texting, when he was like:

Do you maybe want to go to .... with me on Sunday?

And like I don't even have a real crush on him or anything, but I thought like wow.

Is he asking me on a date or something?

Because like no one's ever asked me out.

So, I was like:

Cool, I'll see if I have time and then want to text him about it the next day (Saturday) again.

But like a few hours later my best friend texts me and she says he asked another girl the same thing and all in all its cause it's the other girls' birthday on that Sunday and he wanted me to come with them and a few others, i think.

But like the guy didn't tell me others would be there too.

I swear to God, call me an overreactor, but I felt so sad and embarrassed that I thought someone wanted to go on a date with me and I literally cried about it.

So then because I felt so shitty about it, I told him I couldn't come, but I didn't say why.

And he like kept asking why and then in the end I said, I'd think about it.

So now I don't know if I should go with them or not, because like my mood is ruined because of the whole I-thought-he-liked-me-situation, but I don't want to seem like an asshole if I don't come to that 'small party'.

But like what should I do now, if y'all understood the situation?

PS: I know this is super random but yeah :)

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