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Thank you all soooooo much for reading!!!!

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Thank you all soooooo much for reading!!!!

This story has now reached 100k and I'm happy ya'll enjoy reading this book!!!


Instinctively I pulled Cheong-san down into a bending position while still running.

(I hope you know what I mean by that)

The knife flew right over Cheong-san's head, almost grazing it before falling to the ground with a metallic clang.

The knife that Gwi-nam had thrown didn't hit any of us.

I exhaled and the two of us stood up straight again as we continued running.

Suddenly a zombie jumped out of a nearby classroom, crashing into us as I tried not to scream and alert more zombies.

Cheong-san and I were knocked to the ground, as the phone slid out of Cheong-san's hold.

"Come here!" I heard Gwi-nam as the two of us scrambled to our feet and Cheong-san grabbed the phone.

We ran down the stairs and into the library.

But it was even worse here.

I saw a huge hoard of zombies turn to us while one non-infected student was sitting on top of a bookshelf.

I started shaking as the zombies charged at us, but composed myself quickly.

I couldn't let fear get the best of me.

Not now.

I jumped onto a table, now pulling Cheong-san behind me as I saw Gwi-nam enter the library as well.

"We need to get onto the shelves!" I told Cheong-san, so he let go of my hand and we sprinted over the tables before jumping up onto a tall bookshelf.

A boy was sitting on top of it, looking at us with a fearful look on his face.

"Were you two bitten? You were bitten right?" He asked frantically.

"No..." I said, out of breath.

But the boy didn't listen and pushed me and Cheong-san off of the shelf.

Landing on the ground, I felt pain spread in my right side as I had landed directly on a few fallen books.

I looked up at the boy and saw Gwi-nam jump onto the shelf while pushing the guy down into the crowd of zombies as said guy screamed, terrified.

"Shit! Come on!" I heard Cheong-san as we ran through the different shelves.

"We need to get up!" I told him.

He nodded and climbed onto another table before hauling himself onto a shelf.

I was right behind him, but slipped on a book and crashed back onto the table.

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