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Wow, we're already at chapter 30

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But honestly I don't mind 😂😂

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But honestly I don't mind 😂😂

Now on to the story again~~~~

The zombie of Cheong-san's formerly sweet mother started clawing at us from the other side of the truck.

"Cheong-san..." I whispered, voice shaking.

"Mom" He reached his hand out to the zombie.

"Cheong-san, no!" On-jo yelled as he tried climbing over the truck to get to his mother.

I held him back, heart hurting at the pain in his eyes.

On-jo pulled him down to the ground as Su-hyeok stood up, next to me.

I saw Cheong-san's mother try climbing to us, but she fell to the ground.

Dae-su, who was now coming out from under the truck to the side she was on yelled:

"What the hell?!"

Cheong-san's mother jumped up and ran at him, as he tried holding her off with some kind of metal pipe that he had found.

"There's another zombie here!" He yelled.

I saw Cheong-san slowly getting up from the ground again.

As Joon-yeong came to help Dae-su in hitting Cheong-san's zombie mother, Cheong-san started muttering.

"Stop it"

I watched his expression turn into even more pain and anger as he watched how Dae-su and Joon-yeong hit his mother with the metal pipes.

"I said stop that!" He yelled and jumped over the back of the truck.

"Cheong-san!" I yelled.

He ran to Dae-su and Joon-yeong and pushed them off of the zombie.

"Cheong-san, stop it!" I yelled again, jumping over the back of the truck as well.

He punched Dae-su hardly, as the boy winced.

I tried holding him back from hitting Dae-su and Joon-yeong, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him away.

Then suddenly I felt pain coursing through my whole face.

In shock I let him go and fell to the ground, holding my jaw, that Cheong-san had rammed with his elbow hardly.

Tears started filling my eyes as I sat on the floor helplessly, not knowing what to do anymore.

My eyes widened in fear as Cheong-san approached me again, pure hatred in his eyes.

As Wu-jin and Joon-yeong continued hitting his mother, I felt him grab my collar.

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