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Su-hyeok crawled beside me, our shoulders touching.

The three of us looked at who was making the sounds.

It was Eun-ji, the girl me and Su-hyeok had tried to save from the bullies.


She was breaking all the phones.

Then she started groaning as her bones started crunching.

As she continued breaking the phones, one of them slid off of the table and closer to us.

Cheong-san used this chance to slowly make his way to it.

As he grabbed it, I heard Eun-ji stop what she was doing.

Then she looked over at us.

Straight at Cheong-san.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU" She yelled angrily as she ran towards us.

She tackled Cheong-san while yelling at him even more.

"Give it to me, fucker! I'll kill you!" 

I was shocked by her actions and....why wasn't she a zombie yet?

She's clearly been bitten...

Su-hyeok jumped up and ripped her off of Cheong-san.

Because of the noises we had made, the zombies started filling the room again as Su-hyeok pulled me up.

Cheong-san got up too as the zombies started growling at us.

Cheong-san picked up the phone and as we headed to the window, he stopped.

I looked at him, confused why he had done this.

Oh no.

The phone that we took was completely shattered.

Su-hyeok was about to exit through the window as Cheong-san ran towards the phones laying on the ground as I followed him.

The zombies started jumping at us as I took a hard folder from a desk.

While Cheong-san tried getting a phone, I started holding off zombies with the folder, hitting them across the face.

Su-hyeok came to help us and started kicking the zombies away.

I ran over to Cheong-san, since he was getting up again, having found a good phone.

I saw zombies approach him, so I pushed a chair towards them, keeping them away for a little while.

I panicked when I saw that Su-hyeok and Cheong-san and I were starting to separate because of the zombies.

Cheong-san also saw that him and I didn't have a chance to get to Su-hyeok.

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