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I shook my head, trying to ignore it as Cheong-san also didn't know what to do.

"Y/n, what do we do?" He asked, panicking.

"Don't....don't worry, it'll be fine.....I...I'll just try to ignore the pain."

"No, I'll carry you" He sounded serious.

I shook my head.

"No, I'll be fine. But thanks"

I knew Cheong-san wasn't convinced but we had to concentrate on blocking the zombies as they were trying to get to us by force.

As I tried holding a cupboard, I could vaguely see a zombie crawling over it, above me.

"Y/N!" Su-hyeok yelled before he grabbed a guitar and hit the zombie.

I ducked, still holding the cupboard tightly while Su-hyeok continued hitting it.

The next hit luckily had enough force to make the zombie fall back to the other side.

As more and more zombies tried to climb over, I saw Cheong-san also try to get them back to the other side.

"It's not going to hold up!" Hyo-ryeong cried, trying her best to keep the barrier in place.

I saw Wu-jin look at all of us as he mumbled curse words.

I knew he was as concerned as we were.

"Fuck!" I yelled as I held the cupboard in place, which was getting more difficult by the second.

"How long is it going to take?! LET'S GO!" Dae-su yelled, his energy almost completely drained.

I could see a tear starting to run down Wu-jin's face as he checked the hallway once again.

"A little more. Not yet!" He begged.

I whimpered as I pushed against the cabinet.

I knew, that the barricade was going to crash down on us if we didn't leave soon.

Then I saw Wu-jin slowly open the door as he checked the hallway.

"Clear. We have to go now!"

As On-jo, Nam-ra and a few others ran to the door one after another to Wu-jin, who had grabbed a music stand, I stayed where I was.

"Come on, go!" I heard Cheong-san yell at me.

"No, it'll break!" I yelled back, since the snarling of the zombies was getting louder.

I saw Su-hyeok run to where I was as he held the cupboard and table beside it with me.

"Go, please! I can't risk losing you!" He pleaded.

I looked into his eyes as I didn't know if I should listen to him or not.

"Come, Y/n!" I now heard On-jo.

I let go of the cupboard as Su-hyeok held it even tighter now before running to the door with the others.

"Go, Cheong-san, Su-hyeok!" I heard Dae-su yell at the boy.


Su-hyeok let go of the cupboard too as he ran over to me and grabbed my hand.

"I don't want to lose you" He told me as a held his hand tightly.

Dae-su and Cheong-san were now the only ones holding the barrier in place.

"Come on! Let's go!" Wu-jin and Su-hyeok yelled, making us leave the classroom.

I ran out, trying to ignore my ankle as I felt Su-hyeok pull me by my hand.

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