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I arrive at the construction site and pause, trying to catch my breath.

No zombies in sight yet, but I still need to find a safer place.

Then I notice my hands are empty.

Oh fuck.

I must've left it with Gwi-nam when I ran here.

Shit. Now I don't have a weapon anymore.

I continue cursing myself.

Suddenly, I faintly hear footsteps.

But they weren't coming from the direction I just came from.


Probably more zombies.

I immediately run into the building, but stop abruptly, seeing a zombie stumble around inside.

Before it can see me, I hide behind a wall and try to be as quiet as possible.

I can't risk staying on this floor.

There might be more zombies.

Searching around with my eyes, I find a pair of stairs, and my mood lightens up a bit when I spot them only a few steps away from me.

As quickly and quietly as I can, I run up the stairs and onto the next floor.

But I want to be sure that I'm extra safe, which is why I run up the next flight of stairs too.

I run into a room and to my relief, no zombies are up here.

But still, I can't stop just now.

I try to find a safer room.


There isn't anything good.

Then I turn my head to the window.


There had to be some scaffolding (A/n: Is it called like that? Sorry, English isn't my first language) around the building, where I could sit.

I quickly run to the window and look down.

Suddenly I become dizzy at the sight.

Wow, I'm pretty high up.

Shaking my head, I try to ignore my fear.

It's been even scarier for me to be high up, since the last time I was, on the roof, I almost fell to my certain death.

But I have to go out there now.

Just don't look down anymore, Y/n.

I nod to myself and swing my leg out of the opening and onto a scaffolding.

Suddenly, I hear a loud commotion coming from downstairs.

Oh gosh.

Not good.

I quickly step out of the building completely and walk a few steps on the scaffolding to get away from the window.

Then I let out a small sigh and lean back at the wall, finally being able to sort my thoughts.

My eyes widen as I think about what happened just a few minutes ago.

Gwi-nam kissed me.

Just the thought of that makes me want to vomit.

What would Su-hyeok think about me?!

I should've tried harder to resist...

I should have-

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