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A/N: I am literally wheezing:

How did this get so popular so fast? 😂😂

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How did this get so popular so fast? 😂😂

Well, on to the chapter~~

As everyone started talking a the same time, coach Kang started twitching.

His bones started crunching, making a shiver run down my spine.

"Shit" I yelled.

"Get him out of here! Hurry!" Na-yeon screamed while panicking.

"He's turning!"

Coach Kang continued twisting his body in unimaginable ways while his bones cracked.

"Hurry! Throw him out!" Na-yeon yelled while pressing her arms to her ears.

Coach Kang....or the more zombie version of him started growling and he twitched even more.

Then suddenly he jumped up and charged at one of the other girls, biting her face.

She screamed as Dae-su tried pulling our coach off.

He picked him up as the coach fought to get out of Dae-su's grip.

Then he threw Kang to one of the shelves.

I looked over to the bitten girl, Min-ji.

"Dae-su. I can't...I don't want to die" She stuttered, tears filling her eyes.

Then the coach stood up again and charged at me this time.

I hadn't seen this coming and he was so fast.

Then, just as he was about to get to me, Su-hyeok pulled me out of the way hardly.

Na-yeon continued screaming.

"Get him...Get him out of here!"

Now the coach was trying to get to me.

I backed away quickly and in less than a second Su-hyeok was standing in front of me, shielding me with his own body.

He punched the coach-zombie into the face and pushed him to the ground as it continued snarling.

As he got up again, Cheong-san took a desk to protect himself and ran at the coach before pressing him against the wall.

Gyeong-su came to help him, as Coach Kang was about to push Cheong-san and the desk away.

He threw himself into the desk and the two of them held the coach there, making him unable to escape.

The bitten girl, Min-ji continued:

"I don't want to die...Help me" She sobbed, blood running from the wound by her mouth.

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