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I gasped, stumbling back a bit.

Gwi-nam was passing the plastic cover while still holding the zombie-girl.

His eyes flickered to me and he started smirking.

As he continued looking at the three of us, he started chuckling.

From behind him zombies started running at us again.

One jumped right at me and pressed me against the window as I let out a sound of shock.

I tried holding it off as it continued snarling at me.

It was trying to bit me as my heart started beating even faster.

Finally I had the strength to push it off.

I stomped onto it's head and pushed it back.

Another one jumped onto me, pinning me to the ground as it had caught me off guard.

"Fuck!" I yelled.

"Y/N!" I heard Su-hyeok scream.

He was trying to help me, but couldn't as more zombies started getting to him too.

Then the zombie was pulled off of me harshly and I felt myself being grabbed by my shirt.

I looked up, right into Gwi-nam's face.

He was smirking.

"So, we meet again, princess. I missed you" He chuckled, leaning closer to my face.

"Let her go, you psycho!" Cheong-san yelled.

I saw Gwi-nam roll his eyes at him, before turning to me again.

"I'll get back to you" Gwi-nam whispered to me as he let me down and walked towards Cheong-san.

Said boy hit Gwi-nam's head hardly with the music stand.

But nothing really happened to Gwi-nam.

Only his head was flung to the right from the hit.

He then looked back at Cheong-san again and scoffed.

Cheong-san tried hitting Gwi-nam again, but this time Gwi-nam stopped the music stand with his hand.

I got up from the ground and ran to help Su-hyeok with the zombies again.

But my eyes immediately flickered to Cheong-san and Gwi-nam as the latter said something very weird:

"Give me your eye, huh?" 

He then proceeded to claw at Cheong-san's face.

I wanted to run to help him, but Nam-ra was faster and grabbed him by the neck.

Gwi-nam groaned, trying to get out of Nam-ra's grip.

Her one eye had started to turn red again as she continued choking him.

After saying something to him, she threw him onto the blue cover.

My eyes widened.

Nam-ra stared at her own hand in shock.

More zombies were running up the stairs as Cheong-san and Su-hyeok held them off.

I saw Nam-ra running to me and pulling me up the stairs to the door.

Then a small alarm started beeping loudly, making my head snap to the door.

"Guys! The door's unlocked!" On-jo yelled, turning the knob.

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