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After a few minutes, I untied Nam-ra from the table as we continued to look out of the window.

Suddenly Nam-ra stood up, looking at the doors.

I turned to the direction she was looking at.

"What?" I heard Su-hyeok ask as he came over.

"I heard something strange."

She then walked over to the door as I followed her.

The others watched the two of us, before standing up too.

Nam-ra looked worried as she raised her hand to her face a bit.

I heard Hyo-ryeong whisper something to On-jo:

"What if she's finally starting to turn?"


Then Dae-su leaned down to them.

"What if half-bies don't turn?"

Hyo-ryeong was startled by his sudden appearance and slapped him.

"Oh my gosh"

"My bad" Dae-su whispered.

"I hear it" Nam-ra suddenly said.

"What?" Su-hyeok asked.

"What do you hear?" On-jo asked as well.

 Nam-ra turned to her.

"I think someone is puking"

After a few seconds of silence she talked again.

"It stopped"

The piano with the zombie underneath it started moving more.

But my head snapped back to the others when I heard Su-hyeok asking Nam-ra a question:

"What stopped?"

"The sound of puking"

"Stop it. You're scaring me." Hyo-ryeong said, her voice shaking.

"Don't you hear it?" Nam-ra asked.

I tried listening closely, but I heard nothing.

"I'm not hearing anything" Hyo-ryeong stated.

Nam-ra turned to me.

"Me neither" I sighed.

Nam-ra started staring at Hyo-ryeong.

"What? What?!" Said girl frantically asked, creeped out by Nam-ra.

"Are you scared?"

"Stop that"

"It's just... you're the one breathing the loudest."

"Do you hear that?" On-jo asked the others.

Hyo-ryeong shook her head.

"All I hear is that fucking zombie" Dae-su nodded his head towards the zombie underneath the piano as the instrument continued creaking while the zombie growled.

Nam-ra then started staring at everyone in the room.

After a while she spoke up.

"We should go. It's weird here."

"We can't just leave. There are zombies out there" Cheong-san stated.

Dae-su sighed.

"We should've gone to the roof when the music was playing. Shit."

He sat down onto a chair.

"Music... wait a minute we have music!" On-jo said.

"What? What music?"

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