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Some you guys haven't heard yet, butttt I think imma do a face reveal in this chapter.

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I'm sorry for fangirling so much hahahaha

But yeah, the big Face reveal is at the end of the chapter

So, onto the story~~~

"I went to the mountain last night and saw a campfire."

I turn my head to On-jo as the words leave her mouth.


"Yeah, I think someone lit a fire on the school rooftop."

I look at Su-hyeok and his confused eyes meet mine before he turns back to On-jo.

"On the roof? Are you sure?"

On-jo looks down for a few seconds.

"I could've been mistaken, but I'm pretty sure."

"Well, it is possible..."

On-jo nods slightly.

"Nam-ra said that we should have a campfire if we should ever meet again."

That's true.

She did say that.

So... is it really Nam-ra?

Or is it some kind of trap?

I mean it could even be Gwi-nam coming back from the dead, and trying to get us to go there.

I watch as On-jo looks around, lowering her voice.

"I plan on going tonight."

"I'll go with you" I immediately say, placing my hand on her shoulder.

She smiles at me, nodding.

"Then I'll come, too." Su-hyeok states.

On-jo also nods at him curtly, before turning to walk away.

I watch as Su-hyeok looks down for a few seconds.

"On-jo!" He then calls out.

"I'm sorry about that day..." He starts, and I immediately know what day he means.

He's been beating himself up about it ever since.

"What day?" On-jo asks, turning to look at us again.

"The day Nam-ra tried to bite you... Sorry that I couldn't do anything." He looks at her, sadness in his eyes, and I can't help but feel bad.

But On-jo just smiles.

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