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A/N: Does anyone know any good hwang jun-ho fanfics? (you know... the police man in squid game😂😂)

"No one's coming here to save us"

I looked at Nam-ra.

"Why do you have to be so pessimistic?" Joon-yeong asked.

"Don't you know my mom? She would've torn the school apart looking for me, but she isn't here yet." Nam-ra continued.

"So, what do you want to do?" Ji-min asked.

"I'm just trying to point out the facts"

I felt a hand slide across my back and hold my waist.

I turned to Su-hyeok, who was smiling at me, before winking.

I hid my own smile and just raised my eyebrows at him before turning to Nam-ra again.

"We all know that no one's coming. So I think we should just figure out what we're gonna do next." Ji-min stated.

"We have to wait to be rescued. We can't leave somewhere safe to go somewhere dangerous." On-jo said.

"And what if nobody comes?" Nam-ra asked, making On-jo turn to her.

"We haven't been waiting that long yet."

"How long do you think we have to wait? Do you think we should wait until we die?"

"No" I stepped in.

Nam-ra's head turned to me and I could see her expression soften when she looked at me.

"Let's just wait as long as we can" I suggested.

"Yeah, there's no way we can go out right now, anyway" On-jo continued for me.

"It's probably because it's nighttime" Su-hyeok uttered.

"I'm sure somebody will come in the morning, maybe. There are a lot of choppers flying around. Let's just wait until tomorrow and we'll see"

Everyone nodded.


Opening my eyes, I felt sunlight blind me a bit.

I had fallen asleep against a cupboard.

I looked around to see no one awake yet and I decided to stand up.

Suddenly a hand pulled me back and I fell to the ground again.

I looked over my shoulder to see Su-hyeok leaning against the same cupboard as I was, half asleep while pulling me back to him.

I noticed that I had his jacket draped across the two of us.

"Su-hyeok" I whispered, trying to wake him up.

I saw Cheong-san awake in his chair and looking at me.

As I felt Su-hyeok pulling me back into his embrace I couldn't help but notice that he had changed out of his shoes and his bare feet were sprawled across the floor.

Bare-su really suited him.

I looked back up at Cheong-san.

"Hi" I whispered, not knowing what else to say.


He then signalled me to go back to sleep, so I let myself lean against Su-hyeok again while closing my eyes.


After everyone had woken up, they all went to sit at the desk, except for Su-hyeok, me, Cheong-san and Ji-min.

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