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A/N: I forgot to add the infos in the first chapter:

Y/n- Your name

L/n- Last name

H/c- hair colour

E/c- Eye colour

N/n- Nickname

I woke up early the next morning.

My parents had already left, since their work was scheduled to start at 6am and that was the time I would wake up.

Walking into the kitchen after getting ready, I could see a small, handwritten note from my mother:

Good morning, Y/n

We ate a bit of the chicken you brought last night.

Eat some of it too and have a good day at school!

We are very proud of you, so keep up the good schoolwork and study hard for your exams.

Love, mom.

I smiled softly at the note.

It made me happy to see my mother say...or actually write something like this.

I got out the leftover chicken and warmed it up.

Sitting down at the table I quickly started eating the delicious food as Su-Hyeok would come pick me up in about 7 minutes and I still had to brush my teeth.

After I finished eating and started brushing my teeth, I heard the doorbell ring.

Toothbrush in my mouth, I opened the door.

"Shince when are you sho earlshy?" I mumbled out, looking at Su-hyeok.

"Just wanted to try out something new" he laughed.

"I'll be ready in 2 minutsh" 

The toothpaste was luckily not running down my chin.

Oh god, that would be even more embarrassing.

Thank you, toothpaste.

I ran into the bathroom to finish brushing my teeth.

Then I styled my hair a tiny bit, to maybe...impress Su-hyeok??

Oh wow, what am I thinking? He probably likes someone else anyways.


After I was done, I went back to him.

He was leaning onto the door frame, reading a few text messages.

"You ready?" I asked.

He got a bit startled from my voice as he looked up at me.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?"

"Ha ha" I ironically 'laughed' as I put on a completely black sweatshirt jacket over my school uniform.

I pulled my bag onto my back and lightly pushed him out of the way before closing and locking the door to my family's apartment.

After bickering a bit more, the two of us started our way to school.


We both got onto school grounds just on time.

I could see On-jo being late and Cheong-san laughing about it.

They were really the perfect duo.

As we walked towards the school building, Su-hyeok nudged me.

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