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My crush just rejected me and said he liked me normally

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Well, now imma continue the story~~~

I felt as if I couldn't move anymore.

The zombies turned to us.

"Oh shit" Mi-jin mumbled.

The zombies started running at us, snarling loudly.

"Run!" Su-hyeok yelled.

I wanted to run with the others, but my feet were stuck to the ground.

Just when I thought I was safe, we were inside another zombie-trap.

I saw Mi-jin turn to the boy on the stretcher.

I didn't know him, but when I saw Mi-jin pulling the stretcher to try to save him, my legs started moving towards them.

I had to help them.

I stopped next to Mi-jin and we both pulled the stretcher together.

"Run! Go! Just save yourselves!" The boy shouted.

"Shit!" I yelled when more zombies started charging at us.

I pulled even harder, but Mi-jin and I were only able to move him slowly.

We followed the others, who were obviously faster than we were.

"Fuck!" Mi-jin yelled as we pulled harder.

My arms were starting to ache and Mi-jin groaned in frustration.

"Just go! You'll die! Believe me!"

"Whatever" Mi-jin yelled, as we pulled him further.

"Y/N!" I heard Su-hyeok yell.

I turned my head to see him fight off zombies.

"I said stop it!" The boy yelled and threw himself off of the stretcher.

"What are you doing?!" I screamed, crouching down next to him, trying to get him back up.

As Mi-jin walked over to help me, Ha-ri held her back.

"No!" She screamed as the zombies came even closer.

"I don't know you and you seem nice, but get the fuck away" The boy groaned, turning his head to me.

Then with force he pushed me away as two zombies jumped onto him, biting and hurting him as Mi-jin continued screaming at him.

I watched as I sat on the floor.

"No..." I whispered.

Why can't I ever save someone?

I felt myself being pulled up harshly.

"Come on!" Cheong-san yelled.

I was still in shock from when he had hit me, so I pushed his hands off of me.

I saw a tear run down his face.


He grabbed my hand again, his voice shaking.

"I'm sorry...I..." More tears started flowing from his eyes.

"But you need to come with me" He then said, composing himself a bit.

I knew that he too was still in shock.

But he was because of his mother.

I slowly nodded, seeing the zombies run towards us too as more started devouring the boy Mi-jin and I had tried to save.

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