Gyeong-su x reader 10k special

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Hey everyone! 

Since I've now reached over 10k views with this book, I decided to write a Gyeong-su x reader oneshot.

He deserved better.

And I love him😭😭.

Just as a reminder, this has nothing to do with the rest of the book and is merely a oneshot.

Yeah, but I hope you'll enjoy this.

IMPORTANT: I don't think I will update the story today since I still have a lot of schoolwork to complete, nut I hope this works too:)

"Hey, Y/N!" I turned around to see my best friend Gyeong-su running down the hallways towards me.

As he put his arms around my shoulder I laughed.

He chuckled while pulling me closer.

"Sooo...What's up?" I asked, turning to him.

He looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Oh no"

"Just no, whatever you want, no"  I told him, slipping his arm from my shoulder as I ran towards our classroom.

"Hey! Just wait!" He ran after me.

"I'll listen if you catch me!" I yelled, playfully.

"Oh, you better watch out" He laughed and started chasing me.

As we ran through the school, I ran into a random corridor.

"Oh shit" I was at a dead end.

Gyeong-su arrived shortly after, slapping my shoulder lightly.

"Whoo... you're fast" He said, out of breath.

"So....What do you want from me?" I asked.

After he had calmed down we walked back towards our class room.

"Well, I wanted us to go to the amusement park in the city after school, you know. Just the two of us" He told me.

As I was about to tell him that I'd love to go, I remembered Miss Park's words from yesterday:

"I want you to tutor Su-hyeok, Y/n. You are good in English class and he's just not been paying attention and his grades are getting worse. I would've normally asked Nam-ra, but she has a busy after-school-schedule"

"Oh...Alright. I'm okay with that. When should I do it?" 

"Tomorrow after school would be good, since the exams are soon"

"Sorry, Gyeong-su. As much as I'd like to go, Miss Park wants me to tutor someone."

"Oh..." He looked disappointed, which made my heart hurt.

"But I have a better idea" I said, trying to get his mood back up.

"Tomorrow, on Saturday, the two of us can spend the whole day together and go to the amusement park. That is if you want to and have time" I suggested.

He smiled at me again and nodded as we reached the classroom.

As I went to my seat in the front, I passed Su-hyeok.

I felt said person grab me arm to stop me from going further.

"'re going to tutor me this afternoon?" Su-hyeok asked as I could feel someone stare at me.

Looking around I saw Gyeong-su looking at him and me before dropping his eyes to Su-hyeok's hand holding my arm.

There was a flash of sadness in his eyes before he turned back to Cheong-san.

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