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Suddenly a bright light illuminated our faces and I heard a helicopter whirring.

It flew over the school.

We exited the room and joined the others again.

I sat on the floor next to On-jo and held onto her hand as Su-hyeok leaned against a few cupboards beside Wu-jin.

"I didn't hear anything at all" Cheong-san suddenly spoke up.

We turned to him.

"I just couldn't hear anything."

"Like what?" Su-hyeok asked him.

"I mean, after Na-yeon went out... and then Miss Park went after her. I didn't hear anything after that."

"You mean screaming?" Su-hyeok asked again.

Cheong-san looked at him.


I felt On-jo hold onto my hand tighter as I looked at her.

Then my gaze drifted towards Nam-ra, who was sitting right behind On-jo.

She was looking at our entwined hands and furrowed her brows before looking at Cheong-san again.

I looked at Cheong-san again, not knowing what she meant with that look.

"Maybe they didn't die then. They wouldn't have been quiet if zombies were biting them." Dae-su added.

"They must be alive"

Everyone stayed silent and I heard Ji-min sigh.

"Why won't you guys respond? No one answers me. I'm always talking to myself." Dae-su wanted to know.

I felt bad for him.

"I think you're right" I told him.

On-jo agreed.

"Yeah, me too."

"Forget it" Dae-su said.

"I didn't hear anything either" On-jo continued.

"Me neither." Hyo-ryeong agreed. "I was scared because I didn't know how I'd feel if I heard them screaming. But I didn't hear anything."

As the others added that they hadn't heard anything either, I stayed silent for the rest of it as the moment that Su-hyeok kissed me came to my mind again.

It felt so right...

And he was right too.

I don't think Gyeong-su and I-sak want me to give up because of them.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Ji-min's voice:

"Should she be alive?"

"What do you mean?" Joon-yeong asked, looking at Ji-min's cold expression.

"She's a murderer. She killed Gyeong-su and walked out of here on her own. Is it even right for her to be alive? Aren't you all being fake?"

I didn't know what to say.

Even though Na-yeon had killed my brother and I would probably never be able to forgive her and like her, I didn't hope for her to be dead.

"What about Miss Park? Should she have died too?" Wu-jin asked.

"Is that our fault?" Ji-min asked.

"Either way, we're responsible for what happened." Wu-jin said.

"Why is that? What did we do wrong? Na-yeon killed Y/n's brother, then played the victim and chose to leave on her own..."

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