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Out of nowhere, a zombie slammed into the door, growling.

I winced at the jump scare it had been.

Rubbing my eyes, I stood up slowly.

More and more zombies started banging against the windows.


Gyeong-su was still holding one of the doors shut.

"Hey, Joon-yeong! I think you're right. They can't open the doors." He yelled.

"Uh...Let's hold it shut for now." Said person answered.

At the moment we were all searching for a phone.

As I looked through another bag, I could feel the presence of someone behind me.

Turning around, I raised an eyebrow.

Su-Hyeok was looking down at me.

"Are you really okay?" He asked me, grabbing my hand.

He seemed concerned.

"Yeah, are you?" I held his hand tighter.

He nodded before he suddenly pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so glad nothing happened to you" He whispered.

"I'm happy that you are okay too" I replied into his chest as I wrapped my arms around him as well.

He rested his head on mine and I closed my eyes.

Then we were startled by I-sak.

"Here! I found one!" She shouted, holding up a phone.

We all rushed to her.

"Whose is it?" Na-yeon asked.

"This is Yeong-ju's desk" I-sak answered.

Yeong-ju was a girl from our class.

I wasn't really close to her.

"Shit it's locked"

Na-yeon started hitting I-sak's arm.

"Do something!" She told her.

"What do you want her to do? It's locked." I said to Na-yeon.

"Maybe it's her birthday."

"When is that?"

"I don't know"

"She's over there. Give it." Cheong-san suddenly called out while pointing to the window at the door.

He then took the phone over to the door and held it towards her face.

"You're going to have to get closer" Su-Hyeok remarked.

Cheong-san was almost pressing the phone to the glass now, until On-jo stood up.

"For emergency calls you don't have to do that. Just call 112"

After that, Cheong-san did exactly that.

"Hello. What is your emergency?" 

I exhaled, but my happiness slowly faded.

They probably won't believe us.

"Hello?" Cheong-san asked.

"This is Hyosan High School. A ton of zombies showed up at lunch and they're eating people."

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