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As I fell, I was still pretty close to the wall.

I felt something slide by my hand and out of instinct, I grabbed it.

Luckily it wasn't a zombie foot.

It was the hose.

More zombies came crashing down from the window as I bit my lip while wincing again.

I had slammed against the wall pretty hardly.

I started kicking the zombie on my foot, but it just wouldn't fall off.

"Y/N!" I suddenly heard a voice from above me.

As I struggled to put my non-zombie-holding foot into one of the loops I looked up.

"Su-hyeok!" My eyes widened.

He was standing by the wall on a dangerously thin ledge.

"You're okay!" We both yelled.

"Look down, down" He pointed at the zombie.

"I know!" I said, continuing to kick it's face.

"He won't let go"

"He'll bite you, why are you taking so long?" Su-hyeok asked me.

I looked at him, a bit annoyed.

"Look, I'm trying, okay?!"

As I tried kicking the zombie again, my other foot slipped from the loop, making me slide down a few inches.

I could stop myself from sliding down further.

Then I put my foot into the next loop

"Y/n! Be careful!" His look was worried.

As I looked away from him again and to my hands, I noticed them turn red.


It was from them rubbing against the hose as I had slipped down.

Now I was looking through the glass of the floor beneath the science lab and I could see zombies pressing their bloody hands onto the glass.

I started shaking as I felt my hands starting to slip, since they were slowly getting seaty.

"I think I'm going to fall" I whimpered.

"Hey, you'll be fine. I'm coming down." Su-hyeok told me.

I nodded, as I let go of the hose with one hand, wiping it on my jacket as I did the same with the other hand afterwards.

But then realization hit me.

How would he come down?

There was a gutter right next to him.

"Wait! No, stay there!" I yelled frantically.

But he didn't listen to me and wrapped his arms around the gutter.

"No! I said don't do it! You'll fall!"

"I'm coming" He just replied.


He slipped a bit while trying to get to the other side of the gutter.

"Shit! Stay where you are!" I screamed.

"Please" I whimpered as I recalled the thump I had heard from I-sak's falling body.

The zombie was still at my foot, pulling on it harshly.

I heard Su-hyeok grunting.

He stopped trying to get to the other side, knowing it was too far away.

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