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I sat by the chalk board as Nam-ra was looking out the windows, sitting by herself.

A short while ago, Su-hyeok had tied her to the table using a tie that was laying on the floor.

I felt sorry for her.

I leaned my head onto Su-hyeok's shoulder, who was sitting next to me as the others talked.

Su-hyeok's fingers started running through my hair as he tried calming down.

"Tell me about it" He suddenly said.

"About what?" I asked quietly.

"When did Gwi-nam get bitten?"


I looked down for a while before starting to talk:

"We were in the library on top of the shelves. Cheong-san pushed him down into the crowd of zombies after he attacked us." 

I sighed.

Su-hyeok didn't say anything and only stopped combing through my hair and instead he let his head rest on top of mine.

"Hey, Su-hyeok?"

"What's up?"

"Did you really mean what you said yesterday night?" I asked, voice shaking.

I felt his head lift from mine, as he turned my head to look at him with his hand.

He was frowning.

"Of course I did, what's wrong? Why would you ask me that?" 

I felt his fingers trace my jawline gently.

"It's just... I don't know, forget it." My eyes flickered to Nam-ra.

"Is it because of Nam-ra and me?" Su-hyeok must've noticed my eyes wander to Nam-ra.

I didn't say anything and just looked at the floor.

"Believe me, nothing is going on. I promise you, you're the only one I want to be with"

I looked up at him again.

"You know, I've always actually had my worries about if you really liked me."

"How come?" I asked quietly.

"I don't know, it's just..." He gulped and looked down before continuing.

"I don't get good grades... and I used to hang out with bullies before..."

I grabbed his hand, comfortingly, making him look up at me.

"But you, you're a great student." He continued.

"You get good grades. And..."

"...you're so pretty."

"So I always thought: Why would she even want to be with a guy like me? What would she like about me, if she did?"

"I had my doubts too, you know... even before right now..." I told him.

"I always thought you'd fall for someone like Hyeon-ju or Nam-ra. I always thought you only saw me as the friend that just hung out with you... I never thought I'd even be with the guy that always picked me up before school..."

I bit my lip a bit before continuing:

"I never knew, someone as handsome as you could like someone like me..."


I felt him hold my hand tighter.

"I love you"

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