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A/N: I am literally SO sorry for not updating, but I hope you enjoy this chapter :)

The doors swung open in a flash as I tightly grabbed the bat, I was holding in one hand while gripping a cart with the other.

In the matter of a few seconds, we were all running out of the room, pulling the carts along with us.

"Hurry!" Su-hyeok yelled as the zombies started spotting us.

They growled as they came closer as the rest of us still  pulled out the barrier.

Su-hyeok started hitting nearby zombies with his bat while Ha-ri shot even more with precision.

"Let's go!" Wu-jin yelled, running and pushing the cart-barrier.

Suddenly I felt a hand pull me down harshly by my shoulder.

I screamed as I fell to the ground, the zombie pushing my shoulders to the ground while snarling at my face.

"FUCK" I yelled, seeing the others run quicker.

I tried calling for Su-hyeok, but I couldn't get out any sound.

The zombie started trying to bite me while I held it off with my hands.

"Turn!" I heard Su-hyeok yell as they started forming their safety circle.

The only problem was...

I wasn't going to be in it if I wouldn't manage to get this zombie off of me in the next few seconds.

"SHIT, I SERIOUSLY HATE YOU ZOMBIES" I yelled, letting my rage out at the zombie holding me against the ground.

As adrenalin started to flow through my veins, I harshly pushed the bat up, sending the zombie tripping back and away from me.

I jumped up, hitting it's arm hardly as it tried reaching out to me again.

Then I looked over at the others.

The cart-barrier was starting to close and I was still outside of the safety zone.

"WAIT" I yelled, trying to get their attention as I sprinted over towards them.

But they had their own hands full, seeing more zombies running towards them.

I looked up to see Su-hyeok looking up at me at the same time.

His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to yell my name while Dae-su was closing the barrier up.

I can make it...

I can...

Right as I got to the barrier, the only opening slammed shut right in front of me as I crashed into the now closed barrier.

"Oh fuck" I whispered, seeing Dae-su start to look up.

His eyes widened slowly as soon as he noticed that he had locked me out.

"Y/N!" I heard someone yell.

I had to ignore it though as I could vaguely see a zombie  come running at me.

I knew I was going to die any second, seeing the hoard of zombies spotting me as the only survivor outside of the safety zone.

I gripped the baseball bat harder, not wanting to die without a fight.

Tears started spilling from my eyes as I tried to stay strong and face my fears.

The first zombie to reach me must've been a girl that had played volleyball before she had turned, looking at her uniform.

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