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At the moment, Cheong-san and I were actually meditating.

We sat on different desks, criss-crossed as the music played calmly.

And the zombies outside were snarling.

Everything was just great for meditation :)

Minutes passed.

"I hope they're okay" I sighed, breaking the silence and opening my eyes.

"Yeah...Y/n...I...have to tell you something..."

Cheong-san opened his eyes and looked at me again.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"I saw something yesterday...."

"What was it?"

"You and Su-hyeok..." He started smirking at me.

"Oh no, you saw..." I buried my face in my hands in embarrassment.

"Are you two a thing now?"

"I don't know...I...we didn't talk about that...I...can we talk about something else, please?" I chuckled.

He burst out laughing.


"The broadcasting room isn't that far, why aren't they here yet?" Cheong-san asked, starting to worry.

He was pacing around the room at the moment.

I didn't answer.

I was standing too, leaning against a desk.

After the short and funny moment we had, everything turned serious quickly.

I breathed in and out, trying to calm my nerves.

They're fine.

They're fine.




Suddenly the door opened.

"Guys!" Dae-su exclaimed, sighing in exhaustion.

I smiled, happy that they were okay.

As Dae-su came to hug Cheong-san, I felt On-jo throwing herself onto me.

"I'm so glad you're alright!" She had tears in her eyes.

I smiled back at her.

"I'm happy you're okay too"

Then she let go of me and I smirked when Cheong-san immediately ran to her, asking if she was okay.

She kicked his shin.


"I told you not to go. I should kick you too, Y/n"

She squinted her eyes at me a bit too.

"But you love me too much for that?" I asked, stepping back nervously.

"Yeah... But still! Why don't you ever listen to me, especially you, Cheong-san?"

As the two continued arguing, I looked for someone.

"Where's Su-hyeok?...And where's Nam-ra?"

"I think they are on their way, don't worry."

I nodded, hoping that Wu-jin was right.

"We need to get to the rooftop before the meditation music ends"

"Yeah-" The door slid open again as Nam-ra and Su-hyeok entered, missing a zombie hoard by a few centimeters.

I smiled in relief.

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