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"I won't just kill you" Gwi-nam stated, staring at Cheong-san with pure hatred in his eyes.

"I'll gouge out both of your eyes and feed your blind ass to the zombies. Oh yeah"

"Everyone but Cheong-san and Y/n can go. Unless you wanna die." Gwi-nam announced.

"What? Why do you want her here too?" Cheong-san asked, worrying for me.

"Because she's going to stay with me and be mine" Gwi-nam chuckled psychotically.

"No" Su-hyeok whimpered, clutching his side.

I stood up as Joon-yeong came to help Su-hyeok.

A slight diziness hit me, but I ignored it.

No one moved a muscle or left.

"Huh...you're all dead" Gwi-nam nodded.

Then he ran at Cheong-san, grabbing the boy by his neck.

But right after, Wu-jin, Dae-su and Ji-min tried prying Gwi-nam off of Cheong-san.

Joon-yeong ran up to them, holding a piece of wood before slamming it onto Gwi-nam.

In return, Gwi-nam kicked Joon-yeong to the ground as the others still tried holding the former bully in place.

But Gwi-nam was stronger and threw all of them away, to the ground, making them groan.

I heard Su-hyeok get up behind me.

"Stay out of this" He whispered, before grabbing a wooden piece and hit Gwi-nam's back with it.

Then he wanted to punch him, but Gwi-nam grabbed Su-hyeok by the neck, choking him.

Su-hyeok repeatedly threw punches at Gwi-nam, but it was to no use.

But then he jumped up and kicked Gwi-nam back before landing on me, throwing us both to the ground.

My back hurt, but I quickly got up and I knew, that I had to do something to help.

Even if Su-hyeok didn't want this.

As Gwi-nam got closer, I kicked at his chest, making him stumble away a bit.

But it didn't do anything else and just stared at him.

He then started grinning at me.

"Wow...so feisty. You can fight. That makes you even sexier"

I gulped, not knowing what to say.

"Stay away from her!" Su-hyeok yelled before punching Gwi-nam.

But Gwi-nam threw Su-hyeok into a pile of chairs, making him groan.

As Gwi-nam stepped closer to me, I stepped back, shaking.

From behind him, I saw Nam-ra approaching with a flaming stick in her hand from the fire.

She hit Gwi-nam's back with it hardly, making the boy grab Nam-ra by her neck.

As the two of them fought, I crouched down, to help Su-hyeok up.

"N/n..." He whispered.

Then his eyes widened as he looked over my shoulder, behind me.

I turned my head to see Gwi-nam moments before he grabbed me by my waist and lifted me up.

He walked towards the railing as I screamed.

"Let go of me!"

I tried getting out of his hard grip.

"No. You're coming with me"

He then pressed me to the wall, coming closer to my face with his.

I backed up as much as I could while he grabbed Su-hyeok's jacket, that I was still wearing.

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