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"So...If you're still tired, you can sleep on my shoulder?" Wu-jin said to me, winking.

"Hey! Cut it out, moron. She's with me" Su-hyeok glared, standing up and walking over to me.

He sat between me and Wu-jin, wrapping his arm around me.

I lay my head onto his shoulder.

As we continued sitting by the fire, I slowly closed my eyes again, feeling exhausted.

"Hold on" Nam-ra suddenly said, making me open my eyes.

"Did you hear that?"

"No, what is it?" Su-hyeok asked.

"What? Is someone out there?" Hyo-ryeong asked quickly.

"Listen" Nam-ra continued.

I concentrated, listening closely, trying to hear whatever she meant.

The others and I looked into the direction Nam-ra was staring at, into the night sky.

"What's happening? What is it?" Hyo-ryeong was scared.

"I don't see anything" Cheong-san said, looking off into the distance.

Suddenly I saw a small red dot in the sky.


Then I jumped up, seeing Cheong-san and Nam-ra follow me.

"Look! A helicopter!" I yelled, recognizing the thing as it came closer and closer.

The others stood up from the ground too as we looked at the helicopter, that was flying over Hyosan.

We stared at it, as it got closer.

"Hey! Fire!" Cheong-san yelled, grabbing a piece of wood from the burning fire.

"They're coming!" Wu-jin yelled as he grabbed one too.

"This way, it's this way" Dae-su screamed, jumping up and down while waving his hands.

"Hey! Hey!" Everyone yelled.

Some of us grabbed more flaming sticks as I did so too.

I grabbed the wood and waved it over my head.

"Over here!" I yelled, together with Hyo-ryeong.

We were desperately trying to get their attention.

I climbed onto the railing, as Dae-su did the same and kept waving the stick in my hand.

I saw Su-hyeok standing behind me.

He placed one hand on my waist, while he waved with the other.

"Be careful!" He reminded me, before yelling at the helicopter again.

He was holding me, so if I fell, he'd stop my fall.

My cheeks flushed red at the realization, but I quickly continued yelling.

"OVER HERE!" Ji-min shouted.

As we continued screaming, the people in the helicopter must've seen us, since they came closer and closer.

I saw Joon-yeong pressing his hands together and praying for them to see and save us.

Bright light illuminated our faces as the light from the helicopter shined directly onto us.

"Come on!" Dae-su yelled.

I could feel Su-hyeok lift me from the railing as I threw away the burning stick.

Su-hyeok pulled me by my wrist to where the helicopter was nearing.

Everyone jumped up and down, hoping they'd finally save us.

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