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I watched as Su-hyeok charged at Cheong-san.

"I said to stop it"

He harshly pushed Cheong-san back as I instinctively stepped towards them.

"Get out of my way!" Cheong-san continued yelling while fighting back.

"Stop it, both of you!" I yelled, frustrated.

I could see Su-hyeok and Cheong-san both freeze at the sound of my frantic voice.

The two of them let go of each other.

Then Nam-ra stepped in.

"If I feel strange in any way...I'll just end it quickly" Tears started forming in her eyes.

They looked at Nam-ra.

"Sorry, but-" Cheong-san started.

"No need to be sorry. I'm actually not sorry, not at all."

Cheong-san sighed.


Then Nam-ra looked at Su-hyeok.

"Su-hyeok. Kill me if I turn."

Then she stepped onto the windowsill as Su-hyeok ran to hold her.

I noticed Cheong-san look at me, but I tried to not show the pain and jealousy I was feeling.

Oh god, I'm too overdramatic about this...

"Hey! Hey!" Su-hyeok yelled.

But Nam-ra didn't say anything..

As we waited, I walked towards the piano and the zombie underneath.

As we all waited, I took a closer look at the zombie girl.

I feel bad for her.

She was probably even younger than me.

She snapped her head towards my foot, trying to bite me as she growled.

I jumped back a bit, going to another desk and leaning onto it as I looked back at Nam-ra and Su-hyeok.

As On-jo whispered something to Cheong-san, I saw Su-hyeok's eyes flicker to me.

Biting my lip, I immediately looked at my shoes, not wanting to keep eye contact with him as I didn't know what else to do.

The blood is still on my shoes.

I'm sorry, shoes.

Minutes passed and suddenly I heard bones crunching.

I snapped my head back up and saw Nam-ra's hands and fingers twitch.

Also one of her eyes started becoming red with veins being able to be seen around her eye.

No one except me had noticed it and from the way she looked at me, she knew that I knew.

I walked over to her and Su-hyeok, not exactly knowing why.

"Are you okay?" I whispered.

She started staring at me, while leaning closer towards me as she started opening her mouth a bit.

She looked at me, as if...

I was something to eat.

"Nam-ra" I whispered, looking at her face closely.

Su-hyeok looked over at me and her.

Her lip twitched as she growled once, before she grabbed my shoulder tightly, bringing me closer.

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