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I screamed, terrified, as the others got startled too.

Falling onto the ground, back into the glass shards, my expression must have been one of horror from the sight in front of me.

Eyes widening, I scrambled away from the window as the zombie started reaching out for me.

When I reached the others, I got pulled up by Nam-ra.

"Are you okay?" She asked, clearly worried.

"Mhm" I shivered.

I felt Su-hyeok's arms wrap around my waist as he pulled me even further away from the window.

Cheong-san jumped into action as he grabbed a wooden mop from a corner.

He started using the mop to push the zombie away as the others screamed for him to get back.

"Push it off!" Everyone screamed.

I watched in horror as the zombie took a hold of the mop.

Gyeong-su quickly ran over to Cheong-san, helping him.

Suddenly, as Gyeong-su tried prying the zombies hands from the window frame, it took a hold of his hand now, letting go of the mop.

Gyeong-su screamed while trying to get the zombie to let him go.

He finally ripped himself away as Su-hyeok let go of me.

He ran to help Cheong-san and as he grabbed the mop, he hit Gyeong-su right in the nose with it accidentally.

Su-hyeok stabbed the zombie, since the mop had broken into two pieces, the broken end being a sharp weapon.

But the zombie didn't mind this, as it still tried getting inside.

Gyeong-su then took the computer and hit the zombie hardly, making it fall to the ground outside.

Everyone calmed down after the zombie wasn't there anymore.

I exhaled.

I walked towards Su-hyeok, Cheong-san and Gyeong-su.

"Are you all okay?"

"Yeah I'm good" everyone replied.

I frowned, feeling sorry.

Gyeong-su's nose was bleeding from the mop hitting it.

"Hey..You..." Na-yeon started, watching Gyeong-su.

"Gyeong-su, you're bleeding" Cheong-san said.

Everyone stepped back from him except me.

"I am?" He asked, wiping his nose.

"Right" He chuckled.

"It's because Su-hyeok hit me with a fucking mop"

He walked towards the desk.

"Stay back. Stay where you are. You were bitten, weren't you, Gyeong-su?" Na-yeon yelled at him.

"I wasn't. I wasn't" He started wiping his nose.

"Y/n, get away from him" Nam-ra calmly said.

"No. I know he wasn't bitten, didn't you guys see Su-hyeok hit him?" I questioned, frowning.

"See! What's your fucking problem with me, Na-yeon?" Gyeong-su walked over to her, getting angry again.

"You were bitten!" She yelled again.

Gyeong-su scoffed.

"I-sak got a nosebleed just before she turned" Na-yeon told Miss Park.

"On-jo, you saw it, right?"

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