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Still sitting on the floor I sobbed loudly.

I had now lost Su-hyeok and I-sak, although I still had a tiny bit of hope that Su-hyeok was okay.

My best friend.


On-jo stopped leaning out of the window.

She was still looking down while Cheong-su had a guilty look on his face.

The tears were still falling, but now they were accompanied  by an empty feeling.

I looked at Gyeong-su next to me.

He looked back before hugging me tightly.

He was trying not to cry and soon stood up.

"Come on, we need to block this."

On-jo was now also sitting on the floor, sobbing the same as I was.


I sat on a chair and pulled it with me to the desk.

On-jo was next to me while two of the other girls, Ji-min and Hyo-ryeong tried comforting us.

Cheong-san walked over to us, seemingly not knowing what to say.

He then turned around again, deciding not to say anything.

"Let's go. We're not gonna last much longer" He said in a monotone voice.

"Where would we go?"

"The hose from earlier." Cheong-san continued.


"Yeah? What?" Gyeong-su didn't know what Cheong-san meant with the look he was giving him.

"What is it?"


As they continued trying to get the hose from the hallway, I stood up to walk to the window.

Looking outside, I knew that somewhere down there was I-sak.

And she was either a zombie or dead from the fall.

I still couldn't believe she was gone.

At any moment I thought she was going to come to me and make me flustered by talking about Su-hyeok.

Oh, yeah...


I hope he's not one of those monsters down there.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.

Looking to my side, I saw Nam-ra standing there.

"I-" She started, but it seemed like she couldn't express what she wanted to say the right way.

"You-" She stopped herself again.

Then she just pulled me into a hug.

I was shocked, since Nam-ra never was the person to be like this to anyone.

I didn't know why, but I felt myself calm down in this hug as I wrapped my arms around her back.

After everything that happened, I needed a hug or two.

She let go of me and looked out of the window as well.

"Got it!" We turned around to hear Gyeong-su yell while holding up the hose.

They closed the door again, while Nam-ra ran to block it too.

"Help me make some knots" Cheong-san's voice reached everyone but On-jo.

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