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Hey everyone!

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Now, onto the story~

We continue following On-jo through the woods, back to the construction site.

When we get there, we start ascending the stairs slowly and quietly, not wanting to disturb On-jo.

Everything is full of ash and there's no sign of any zombies anymore.

When we enter the floor we had been on just a while ago, I notice major changes.

The walls are destroyed and there's rubble everywhere.

I watch as On-jo stops in the middle of the room and I look up at Su-hyeok.

He looks at me too, the two of us not knowing what to do now.

Nam-ra was also just looking around.

"Hey, Cheong-san" On-jo calls out.

I turn my head back to her again.

She takes a few steps forward, awaiting an answer.

"Cheong-san!" She yells again, her voice shaking.

I look down at my shoes, feeling sadness wash over me as I watch her break down.

Nam-ra wraps her arm around my shoulder, while Su-hyeok distances himself from us a bit, walking around.

"Cheong-san, you're such a jerk!" On-jo yells, starting to cry again.

Slowly, Nam-ra and I walk over to her as she continues sobbing.

I look at Nam-ra, seeing tears in her own eyes too.

On-jo's head turns to us and I can't help but wrap my arms around her.

I hug her tightly, feeling her arms wrap around me too, as her sobs are muffled by my shoulder, that she cries into.

I lay my head on her shoulder, feeling my throat close up in sadness.

I hate that my best friend is in so much pain.

But how can I help her?

I can't bring Cheong-san back.

"Let's go" We suddenly hear Nam-ra say.

I slowly let go of On-jo, as we both turn to look at her.

"I don't smell anything. There's no one here."

Tears start filling my own eyes, knowing Nam-ra isn't lying.

Cheong-san isn't alive anymore...

A tear leaves my eye and the little spark of hope I still had died down.

"Let's say bye to Cheong-san and then go." Nam-ra continues, her voice quiet, trying to hide her own sadness.

On-jo slowly nods, as Nam-ra steps closer to the two of us, tears also leaving her eyes.

She wraps her arms around the two of us in a group hug, tears running over all of our faces.

In the corner of my eye, I can see Su-hyeok returning to the room we're in.

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