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A/N: I am crying atm.
I re-watched the Gyeong-su scene with Na-yeon how she infected him to write the chapter of it.

I need a few thousand tissues please.

Me, a very emotional person started sobbing again. My poor Baby didn't deserve that kind of fate.

Tears started filling my eyes.


This can't be happening.

I went numb as I heard On-jo turn to Cheong-san.

"You were with him, right?"

"He was...behind me" Cheong-san said.

I gripped the edge of a table hardly, trying to stabilize myself as my vision got blurry from tears.

On-jo came to my side.

"Then where is he now?"

"I don't know"

Nam-ra watched me, a worried look on her face as she looked through the window, seeing if Su-hyeok was anywhere outside.

"Don't worry" I-sak told me, as she came towards On-jo and me.

"He's smart and he can fight. He probably just found a better place to hide when he noticed that we were in here." She told me.

"I really hope so" I sighed, running my hand through my hair.

Then the three of us sat down, leaning against a few cabinets.

Suddenly a very shrill sound came out of the speakers of the lab.

Everyone held their ears while cursing.

Ms. Park's voice started to ring through the entire school.

"Students and teachers of Hyosan High School. I'm Park Sun-hwa, the English teacher."

"Something strange is happening throughout the school. Some students are attacking others indiscriminately."

I saw the zombies crowd around the speakers in the hallway.

"So...So please flee and find a safe place. And if any student or faculty hears this and is able to, please call the police and the fire department."

"Students, hide somewhere safe until help arrives."

Her voice was trembling.

"If you can get out of the school, please get out."

"I'll say it again."

I pressed my hands to my face, tears silently running down my face.

I wish Su-hyeok was here.

I want him to hold me, comfort me.

Please, Su-hyeok. Be okay.

"Some students are..."

She stopped herself.

"Hey, everyone...You're okay, right?"

She sounded like she was about to cry.

I've never seen Ms. Park cry.

She was always the nice, but strict teacher, who was still cool.

"You're not hurt? I don't know...what's going on in here or how this whole thing happened, but..."

"Still, find a safe place and hide. I...I'm sorry..."

"I can't help."

She started sobbing.

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