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Hey everyone!

I'm really sorry for updating later than usual, but I haven't really been in a writing mood lately and I had a lot of schoolwork to do.

I still hope that this chapter is going to be okay and that you will like it! :)

Su-hyeok's P.o.v (oooo something new:))

A while after having arrived in the broadcasting room again, I slid down onto the floor, leaning against a cupboard.

I felt guilt consume me.

Together with worry.

Where are they?

Are they okay?

After the others had noticed I had come alone, On-jo had started crying while Nam-ra looked extremely worried.

On-jo was constantly looking out of the window.

How could I have let this happen?

I felt tears leave my eye as I let my head fall into my hands.

I'm such an idiot.

If something happens to Y/n or Cheong-san, I'll never be able to forgive myself.


Please, please be safe...

I'm begging you.

I want to hold you in my arms again, kiss you again...

Go out with you once this is all over and just be with you.

 I felt someone sit down beside me and I saw that it was Nam-ra.

Her expression was one of sadness.

"It's not your fault, Su-hyeok" she told me softly.

I stayed silent.

"I'm sure that they are fine. You know how fast Cheong-san is. And Y/n doesn't hold someone back. She can be fast if she wants to."

"I hope so" I whispered.

"They're also probably in a safe hiding spot"

Y/n's p.o.v.

The hiding spot we were in definitely wasn't that safe.

Okay, no zombies were here, but if we fell, we would fall a pretty long way.

"We need to get to a safer spot" I told Cheong-san.

"These doors can only be opened from the outside" Cheong-san sighed.

"Up or down?" I asked, looking at both directions.

"Nowhere. Here"

Then he tried opening the small door.

The metal started creaking and I helped him.

The door wouldn't budge though.

Then I heard a growl coming from outside the small door.

I felt a few sweatdrops run down my forehead.

Will we ever make it out?

Cheong-san started sniffling.

"Get up a bit" He then whispered. 

I climbed up as he did the same and as he started kicking the door with his foot, I did so too.

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