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When two rival hearts tangle themselves in one another, when push comes to shove and sacrifices have to be made, what will they choose?

Lizzie Myers a Junior at Meadow ridge university is both beauty and brains. Being the hotshot of her campus she has lots of guys throwing themselves at her but she only has eyes on one thing and one thing only and that's completing her degree in biology, growing up with a poor family she prioritized her academics and now in college she still does. But when she meets the captain of the rival hockey team Luke Beckett and she learns about his past, her priorities change.

Luke Beckett a incoming power force in the hockey world who wants to go sign with the Vancouver vipers to excel past his fathers footsteps has an obstacle in his past when he meets Lizzie Myers from his rival school.

What happens when he tells her about his twisted past and she stays.

When all is said and done opposites attract.

When all is said and done opposites attract

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