12 : Project

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"Hi, come in" I say opening the door wider for Jake to come in the house.

"I'm sorry for the mess, the guys are at practice so we probably have at least an hour of peace left." I say laughing, he comes in and waits by the counter.

It feels weird having him over, I don't know why though.

"Here we can go to the living room to work" I say leading him towards the living room with my laptop in hand.

Since we were partnered up in journalism class so we had to work on this presentation outside of class and he asked if we could do it at mine.

I don't think he is flirting, I mean I hope he isn't because I don't know if I even find him attractive, I mean he is good looking he has brunette hair and a chiseled beard, but I don't like him. I don't like his personality, I don't like teasing him, I don't have nicknames for him, he doesn't have brown eyes that make me want to fall to my knees- . Holy shit. What the fuck am I doing.


It's been about an hour and a half since we started and we have nearly finished and am on the last legs of our project.

We ordered pizza about thirty minutes ago, and quit the project for now so we are just talking and laughing now while eating pizza on the couch.

We are on opposite sides of the couch but close enough that are legs are touching but it's covered by the blanket on top of us.

We are in the middle of laughing when the front door opens and the smell of sweaty guys comes through and into the house.

"Yo Gracie, who's coat is on the counter?" JJ says from the kitchen,

"That would be mine" Jake says from the couch, suddenly two heads come into view from the doorway.

"Anddd what's happening here" JJ says coming in front of the couch, eyeing us two with suspicion with Archie not too far behind with the same expression on his face, Logan's not here.

"We are just doing a project" I say flatly

"Just a project hm" JJ hums while tugging the blanket off our legs, exposing our tangled legs.

A harsh groan comes from the doorway and we all turn our heads, Logan stands in the doorway glaring at Jake behind me. Our gazes meet and I feel a blush creep onto my face as my eyes roam his outfit. He is wearing grey sweatpants that hang low on his waist with a compression shirt on with his hockey gear on his shoulder with messy hair, god is he attractive.

He comes in front of us and stares at our tangled legs and something about the way he is staring at them right now makes me tug them to my body hugging them with my arms.

"Johnson" Logan nods at Jake glaring at him,
"How's the team" he asks

"Good, you? Heard you guys got the semis coming up" Jake says

"What you playing at with her, she's off limits for the basketball and everyone" Logan cuts him off,

"I'm so sorry, Jake go to my room I will be there in a second" I say giving Logan a look, when Jake takes a step Logan immediately cuts him off. 

"No your not, you two aren't going into any room" Logan says

"Jake go now, and I swear to god West if you make another word" I say glaring at him back, JJ and Archie are standing in the corner watching the event unfold.

Jake goes upstairs and once he makes it out of view point I go off on all three of them.

"What the hell was that!" I shout directing it to all three of them

Archie holds his hands up in a surrender position slowly backing away towards the stairs, walking backwards next to me giving me a kiss on the cheek while leaving. A huff comes out of Logan which makes Archie run up the stairs towards his room locking it, I put my glare back on the two assholes standing in front of me.

"He's trying to get in your pants" JJ starts

"So what"

"He is a player Gracie, a bad one"

"I wasn't doing anything, so what if I want to be played" I retaliate

"Don't lie to me Gracie" JJ says

"JJ go to your room or I will tear you apart right now" I shout at him

"Don't go near him-" JJ starts before I cut him off

"JJ leave now, we can talk about it later"

JJ sighs before walking up the stairs like a six year old, I turn to look at Logan who is already looking at me.

"JJ's right" he says

"Don't you start with me west, what do you think you are doing."


"Don't you start Logan, or else I really am going to kill you"

I huff out and do the same thing as JJ walking up the stairs like a six year old leaving Logan downstairs. Asshole.


Hi guys!!!!!

I don't usually do these like note things after chapters but I just wanted to let you know that I have finished the cover for the second book!!!!

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I will give you one hint.

The female main character was already mentioned😊😊😊

Also I am already on chapter 42 of this book, it's crazy how long it is.

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