27 : I said yes

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"Can you send me the notes from todays class, I wasn't really listening" I say to Jake who is opening the passenger seat of his car open for me, we just had journalism class and I was sleeping all the way through it.

I barely had any sleep last night, and couldn't stay awake for any part of class luckily Jake was wide awake laughing and taking photos of my sleeping self. 

"Yep no problem" he says as he gets in the drivers seat, a few weeks ago Jake had offered to take me home after class because he doesn't live far and since then he has been dropping me after very class.

We small talk on the drive to back, things aren't awkward with Jake like they are with Logan now because since I went to watch them at hockey practice and then the next morning knock on Logan's door to give him his hoodie back, things have been so awkward, like I feel that someone could cut the string of tension that is present between us when we are in the same room.

"Your roommates home?" Jake asks as we pull up to my house.

"Soon probably" I say because I think they have practice around this time, as soon as he pulls up in front of the house in the drive way another familiar car pulls in.

"Speak of the devils" I mutter as I open the passenger door, I look to the other car and see Archie coming out from the back and JJ from the passenger seat.

He notices me and walks over with Archie,

"You should probably run now, thanks for the ride" I warn Jake as I turn towards him, he lets out a small chuckle but the car stays in place.

At least I warned him.

"I actually wanted to ask you something-" Jake starts

"Jake, long time no see" JJ cuts Jake off  as he does a man hand shake with him through the window, Archie follows along.

"West" Jake nods, I turn my attention to the figure next to me. His hair is messy and he has his usual scowl on his face but when his eyes meet mine they soften, I look away and back to the ground trying not to overthink it.

"Johnson" Logan greets Jake.
"How's the team?"

"Good, I heard you guys got semi's coming up. Good luck bro" Jake says

I try my hardest not to roll my eyes at this awkward and typical man talk.

"Anyway catch you at the parties Jake" JJ says dismissing him,

"Bye Jake, thanks for the ride" I say smiling at him, as I turn to leave my gaze catches with Logan's again and I give him a small smile before focusing on the rocks in the driveway.

"Wait Gracie" Jake says as I hear the door of his car open and close, I turn around to see Jake outside of his car walking towards me.

"Can I talk to you?" He asks with a nervous look on his face.

"Yeah sure" I say worried because I have no idea what this is about.

"Alone." He says looking over my head, I turn around to see Logan only a few steps behind me glaring at Jake, and JJ and Archie by the door all three of them staring at us.

"I'll meet you guys inside" I say waving them off, JJ and Archie give Jake a last nod before walking in but Logan just stands there still not looking at me.

"Logan" I say his eyes finally meeting mine, I give him a look that says 'what are you doing' and to that he gives one last look before hesitantly walking back inside.

As soon as the door to the house closes Jake opens his mouth.

"Do you want to go out for dinner?" Jake blurts out and I am stunned, I didn't know Jake liked me like that.

"A date?" I ask stupidly

"Yeah, a date" he clarifies.

I take a second to think of my options and realise the only thing holding me back from saying yes is Logan, my feelings for Logan. He doesn't want us, he thinks we are a mistake and than there will be one more person in this world who would choose hockey over me.

So I say yes.

"Great I will pick you up tomorrow at seven?"

"Seven is great" I say trying my hardest to put on a wide smile.

"Bye" he calls out before getting in his car and driving off.

I walk back in the house and am suddenly greeted with a very energetic JJ.

"What did he want to talk about?" He asks, I look around the room trying to find Logan but don't spot him so I assume he went up to his room and I know he is not in the living room with Archie because I have clear view of it from my position and can only see Archie watching tv.

"Wanted to go on a date" I shrug while taking my coat off trying to act calm and collected like I am not freaking out on the insides.

"What'd you say?" He says eyeing me, I don't think JJ has a problem with Jake since they are on first name basis if anything he should like him.

"I said yes" I breath out before walking up the stairs.

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