22 : Black cat

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Tugging on my knee high boots paired with my black mini skirt and slutty top, I pull on my cat ears and look in my mirror.

Holy shit I look good.

Being a slutty black cat was an idea I couldn't pass down especially when we are hosting.

JJ and Archie are downstairs already ready in their stupid cop and robber costumes, the robber being JJ and cop being Archie.

I can already hear people coming in so I take it as my time to come down, as I walk down the stairs there is already way more people than I expected.

I try my hardest to ignore the stares directed at me and the wolf whistles, I walk towards the cop and robber and the normal dressed guy at a Halloween party.

"Hi" I say

"Gracie!" JJ says looking down at me - already tipsy - with Archie looking next to him whistling, I can feel a blush creep onto my cheeks as my gaze switches to the normal dressed guy next to them who's eyes are filled with hunger while looking up and down at my outfit.

"Looking good baby" Logan says grinning at me, I flip him off, trying to hide the effect he has on me.

"Why no outfit wessie?"

"Don't like Halloween" he says shrugging, countering his boring answer I walk to the kitchen to get a drink.

As I'm pouring down vodka into a shot glass, someone taps my shoulder,

"Gracie, hey"

"Jake Hi!" I say smiling up at Jake who is in a vampire outfit,

"You look nice Gracie" he says as he looks down at me and I feel uncomfortable under his gaze,

"Thanks, you too"

We are in the middle of a conversation with Jakes hand on my shoulder when Jake looks behind me, curiosity brings me to do the same.

Logan is behind me his glare on jakes hand on my shoulder,

"Johnson" Logan nods

"West, your looking very halloweeny" Jake says

"And your looking very dumb" Logan says, I give him a look before turning back to Jake.

"I will talk to you later?"

"Yeah" he nods at me before giving Logan a look and walking away.

"Can I help wessie?" I say turning towards him

"Nope" he says popping the p

"Are you having fun?" I ask

"Not really" he says looking around,

"What then why stay" I say trying to find Emma in the crowd, he shrugs and I leave it at that.


It's been a few hours since the party started and it's getting crowded as fuck, talking with Emma and a few of her friends every other second I let my gaze look around the room finding a very specific amber eyes.

I can't help but notice the bunch of puck bunnies that have tried to talk to Logan but he seems uninterested so I can't tell if he is having fun.

I excuse myself from Emma and walk over to Logan,

"You know you could look like your having a bit of fun" I say smirking at Logan who looks at me and smiles causing a blush to creep onto my cheeks, this man could do anything and I would still blush.

"I'm trying" he admits

"Well it would be funner if you took a girl back with you" I say discreetly nodding my head towards the group of girls staring at him,

"Not interested."

"What,why?" I say a bit happy

"My eyes are on someone else" he says turning his gaze to look at me, something in me shifts because I have no idea if he is talking about someone else and if it was someone else I know I would feel a bit of disappointment.

Because I really like Logan.

"Oh, who?" I ask a trying to hide the disappointment in my tone, he steps closer.

"She is here right now" I look up at him and then look around trying to find this girl,

"What's she dressed as?" I ask still looking around the room, he gently pulls my chin looking down on me and I am suddenly very aware of how close we are.

"A black cat" he whispers
"Don't kill me for this Owen's" he says before

He leans down and I go on my tip toes trying to get rid of the height difference between us, and then our lips connect and holy shit it's the best feeling in the world.

My hands hook around his neck and his hands are placed on my waist and his touch is burning into me.

He lowers his hands to my ass and squeezes lightly resulting in a quiet moan to come out of my mouth, he takes that chance and our lips connect and we go wild.

Like we have been deprived of this our whole life.

"Oh shit" Logan suddenly says pulling away,
"I'm so sorry, fuck JJ's gonna kill me"

"Seriously" I say appalled

"Gracie that was a mistake-" I don't let him go any further because it already hurts being called an mistake.

"Nice to know where I stand Logan, goodbye" I say as I walk away from the corner we where just in, I can hear him shout my name behind me but I make no move to act on it.  If he thinks it was a mistake then fine, it's a mistake.

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