2 : Surprise

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Me: do you think he will be happy?

Liz: of course, you haven't seen him in three years. Just breathe.

I shut off my phone and exit the taxi giving him a ten dollar tip because of the questions I continued to ask him to try become distracted.

He helps me bring a few of my boxes to the front of the hockey house and when he leaves I resist the urge to barf, I hate hockey.

In high school I dated a hockey guy from the start of high school to graduation and at the end of graduation I found out he was cheating on me for the duration of two years. And since then I swore of hockey guys except for one exception.

I take a deep breath before ringing the doorbell, I wait there for a solid five minutes fiddling with my sweatshirt before ringing again.

Just as I am about to give up the door swings open beholding a shirtless very attractive and tall - at least 6'3 - messy haired brunette, he looks down at me as a scowl appears on his face but I choose to ignore it as I continue smiling up at him.

"What do you want?" He growls out, rude.

"Is JJ here?" I ask still fucking smiling

"I don't think he is in the mood for puckbunnies right now" my jaw drops too the floor, who does this bitch think he is.

"Excuse me what the fuck did you just call me" I drop my smile and watch at his eyes move to my boxes at the bottom of the stairs.

" A puck bunny" he states acting like it's the most natural and calm thing in the world to say.

"You hockey boys are such assholes, I can't believe this" I grit my teeth
"I am the furthest thing from a puck bunny and you better watch your mouth little boy else-"

"Gracie?" The sound of my childhood best friend - and one hockey player exception - cuts me off and I can't handle my excitement as I run up to him and hug him.

"I thought you were coming back the day before term starts" JJ asks putting me down and back to the floor

"I wanted to surprise you" I beam out giving him another hug.

JJ Anderson and I met in primary school and our  friendship has been growing ever since, I count JJ as a brother since he is the closest thing I have to one. JJ is the only hockey player I will ever stand or love for a matter of fact.

I turn around to face the bitch himself and I accidentally mutter out the word "dickhead" thinking he wouldn't hear until I hear JJ choke out a laugh.

"Watch it Gracie that's my captain and my roommate"

I turn my gaze back to dickhead and glare back at him,

"What's she doing here jay"

"Gracie this is Logan West, Logan, Gracie my sister" JJ says putting an arm around my shoulder.

"Your sister?!!" Logan makes a shocked face

"Nah not like that, she is like my best friend, known Gracie since I was seven"

Logan nods in response, "no but what is she doing here?" He asks again

"Well she is rooming with us" JJ starts saying slowly

"WHAT" Logan shouts
"I am going to fucking Jill you JJ Anderson" he starts shouting as he runs after JJ which makes me snicker.

Thirty seconds into it I hear footsteps coming down the stairs as I turn to look at the stairs a dirty blonde comes down again shirtless, why is everyone shirtless in this household?

"Um, hi" the blonde guy says staring back at me,

"Hi I'm Gracie your new roommate!" I say

"Oh hi I'm Archie, you friends with jay?"

"Yep, are you on the hockey team?" I ask trying to make small talk with another attractive guy,

Out of breath and coming back into view with a red cheek JJ takes me to my new room with Archie and Logan helping me with my boxes.

My room is situated on the second floor at the end of the hallway with the room being next to mine being Logan's, since their is only two bathrooms we have to share the one on the top floor.

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