8 : Falcons

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"Yo west, we going to the bar with the team. R u coming?" JJ asks from downstairs,

"Yeah one sec" I respond grabbing my wallet from my bedside table and putting it in my pocket to my jeans.

I fish around my room to find my phone and find it plugged up in the wall, I pull on my hoodie and make my way down my hallway but end up going the opposite way, to Gracie's room.

I knock on it once, I know she hasn't forgiven me yet but for some fucked up reason I won't stop trying. I have been continuously asking every morning and every day, but she won't give me and answer. Sometimes she just sighs and walks away leaving me alone.

She opens the door, in a hoodie and sweatpants I take a second glance at the hoodie and notice it's mine, something warm flutters in my body knowing she is wearing my hoodie. A smile automatically appears on my face and she gives me a weird look in response which only makes me smile harder because she doesn't know that I know she is wearing my hoodie.

"The guys and I are going to falcons, you coming?"

"Maybe, I'll text JJ if I change my mind" I nod at her and exit the house, a part of me disappointed.


JJ is currently on the dance floor for the third time tonight with the third girl, Archie is next to me at the bar chatting with some of the guys from the hockey team.

"Hey Logan you want to come to the dance floor with me" a blonde with tits spilling out at me asks and old me would've taken her straight away but the sight only makes me form a scowl on my face, this me apparently doesn't want a blonde with a smokin body.

I turn my attention back to my guys, who are currently talking about the best rom com, god.

"Hey cap isn't that your girl?" Nathan says his gaze hungry on the door, I turn my head and am met with a die worthy Gracie Owen's standing in the door way of falcons, her hair is blown out and she is wearing a really fucking short black skirt paired with a tight tank top. I take in her outfit and then my gaze travels back up to her face and holy shit if I wasn't hard already I would be a hundred times harder right now.

A wolf whistle from Nathan and some other guys on the team cut me out of my thoughts,

"She's not my girl man, if she heard you say that she would snap your neck" I say to Nathan, I can see on his face what he wants and that is my Gracie in his bed.

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