26 : My distraction

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Practice was going horribly and with Semi finals coming up, practices had to be great.

Coach didn't come in today so he instructed me to lead the team, which was going fine until I noticed the bunch of freshman huddled around the bleachers.

Imagine my surprise when I skate over there only to be met with a sexy as fuck Gracie, it took everything in my power not to kill Max the freshman who tried to hit on her and all the other guys in my team gawking at her.

And now here I am faced with an angry JJ and an confused Archie as we just watched Gracie walk out of the rink in my hoodie and god did she look good in it, the material drowned her out but I could still imagine the curves of her body in my mind.

"You better start explaining" JJ says glaring at me, I look around noticing the team staring at us.

"Back to the ice NOW!" I shout and all of the sudden they start scrambling to the ice except for two of them.

"Archie take lead for a second, drills." I instruct, Archie takes a moment to look between me and JJ before walking to the ice.

"West" JJ says

"She came here with Ed's girl, she was a distraction to the team the guys were gawking at her. So I gave her my hoodie and I guess she decided to leave" I say while shrugging and lying through my teeth.

"Are you sure?" JJ says staring at me intensely, I consider telling him the truth about how incredibly much I like Gracie and how I kissed her and then fucked it all up and maybe then I could actually tell her and try.

But I don't because I am a coward instead I say "yeah"
"If your worried about anyone, Nathan has got an eye for her" I say nodding to Nathan who is watching our conversation from the ice but quickly turns when he realises us looking at him.

"She would be a distraction for them" I say blurting out, trying to convince myself I gave her my hoodie so that the guys wouldn't be distracted anymore, but I can't convince myself because

Gracie Owen's is my distraction.

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