20 : Addict

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About you by the 1975 plays in the speakers of the rink as I hold Gracie's hands in mine and skate backwards, holding onto her.

We've been doing this for an hour and its felt like 10 minutes, she's in my hoodie and she looks so damn beautiful in it. Her blue eyes glisten in the reflection of the fairy lights, her smile is wide and she is laughing at herself as she tries to hold herself up.

God she is so pretty.

"Wanna race?" She asks looking up at me with the most innocent and prettiest eyes ever.

"Are you sure? I'm gonna win you know that Owen's" I say grinning at her, she shoves me a bit causing her to slightly lose balance, I grip onto her.

we skate towards the boards, she slowly lets go of me and I hesitantly do the same not wanting her to fall.

"Ready wessie, 3 2-" she sets off being a cheater, I shout after her but all I can hear is her laughter, I'm addicted to her laughter. I'm a hard addict for Gracie Owen's.

She laughs harder as my hands hook around her waist from behind and pick her up, spinning her around.

I carry her all the way to the middle of the rink before settling her back down on her feet,

"You cheated" I say trying my hardest to put an angry face on but it's so hard when she's smiling up at me,

"I'm not cheating, just bending the rules of the game" she says poking me

"Did you just poke me?!" I say half laughing

"Yep, what you going to do about it wessie? Push me?"

"I would never hurt you baby" the word come flying out of my mouth before I can think and I stare down at her looking for some kind of reaction.

She looks up at me with the softest expression on her face and I want to kiss her so badly but I stop myself. Hockey.

I think about her face that night while lying in bed after I drove us home, her soft beautiful dangerous face, a face I would do anything for.

Because she's my addiction.

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