5 : My nature

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"You fucked up" JJ tells me as I walk into the kitchen.

He doesn't need to tell me that I know, and I feel like shit for it.

"Is she okay?" I ask JJ about Gracie because that girl gets on my nerves but I don't want her hurt.

"Yeah she's fine, probably just pissed off"

I sigh and take a glass of water from the sink, Gracie didn't deserve that, that was my slap to receive. Ava came here trying to get me into a relationship with her and when I reminded her that I didn't do that sort of thing she freaked out and excused me of being unfaithful to a fling with Gracie. A fucking fling.

"Why do you hate her so much man" JJ asks from the counter,

"I don't hate her of course not, it's just-" I can't find the words to finish because I don't know why I don't like Gracie, she is too happy, she brings out a side of me I don't like.

"I'm just saying Gracie is my sister, she is the best person in the fucking world"
"She is fucking sunshine" he continues

"What do I do?"

"You go apologise and if that doesn't work well, I can't do much for you" JJ takes a tub of chocolate ice cream out of the fridge with tape on it that says ARCHIE in capital letters.

As I walk up to her room my mind goes too a million places, what the fuck am I doing?, you wouldn't do this for anyone else Logan, why her?

I push all those thoughts out of my head and knock on her door when she doesn't respond I knock again, I'd be willing to knock for hours if it meant she would open the door and talk to me.

A minute later the door opens and I watch as Gracie's expression drops to a scowl as she spots me, her cheek is noticeably redder as she holds frozen ice on it.

"If your here to throw more accusations at me from what your girlfriend told you, you can leave" she says as she lowers the peas and folds her hands over her chest, she is really pretty, stop it Logan.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean it how it came out"

Her scowl drops and she looks at me with a confused expression plastered onto her face which then turns into a grin.

"Your apologising?" She asks skeptical


"Wait stay right there" she says as she rushes back into her room to retrieve something, a moment later she is back in the doorway with her phone in hand.

She holds it up between us with the speaker facing me and I immediately know where this is going.

"I'm not letting you record it" I say dropping my face to a scowl,

"Fine you can leave then" she says while closing the door I quickly place my foot in the doorway stopping it from closing, I huff out a sigh.


"Okay go" she replies enthusiastically

"I'm sorry Gracie, I'm sorry for not believing in you. I hope you are okay." I say sincerely.

She drops her phone and pulls it towards her saving the voice recording, she looks back up at me when she notices I haven't moved an inch before sighing

"I don't accept your apology, thank you" my jaw literally hits the floor.

"I just apologised, god what more do you want"

"I want genuine, you can't even say why you don't like me Logan. You stood their letting your girlfriend slap me, and now you expect me to forgive you well no. Not everything goes your way Logan and if you really want to be my friend you would try a bit harder"

She shuts the door and I am left their standing outside Gracie's room rethinking everything she said to me, I can do it, I can try harder.

I'm an athlete it's in my nature to take on a challenge.

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