7 : stupid fortune telling prick

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"Leave wessie, I'm not talking to you" I say

"How are you going to get home then, it's about to pour" he says with a stupid grin on his face.

"I'll walk" I say starting my walk while I feel the rain start coming down, exactly like how Logan said. Stupid fortune telling prick.

"Gracie come on" he says as he drives at my pace next to me, following me. Stalker.

"Go away"

"I'm not letting you walk home alone at night while it's pouring. Either get in or I will just continue to follow you." He says giving me an ultimatum

"Or you can leave me alone" shrugging I continue walking even though the rain continues to get heavier drenching me. I make my way passing the library, the walk back is only a fifteen minute walk I could easily do at day, at night when it's raining is a different story.

As much as I hate to admit that Logan is right because walking alone at night as a woman this late, is a shit idea. But I'm not going to let him win, no, not this time.

"Gracie, your shivering for gods sake" he shouts at me which I just ignore even though I am freezing. Even though it's just early October the temperature has been getting very low especially at night.

Ignoring him I continue my treck through the rain, I look to my left and notice that his car is not there anymore, I let out a sigh of relief and continue making my way slower this time, never thought he would be such a quitter.

Suddenly someone grabs my arm forcing me to turn around, ready to defend myself I pull out my hand shoving whoever was grabbing my arm.

Looking up I see an equally drenched Logan west looking down at me, my gaze shifts to behind him as I see his parked car.

Of course he is not a quitter.

"Please Gracie, please come with me" he says with a genuine look on his face, he is too close for comfort, as much as I want to ignore it I can feel the tension around us. God why. Feeling bad and cold I cross my arms rubbing my shoulders as I nod at him letting him lead me to his car.

Sitting in the passenger seat I watch as Logan turns up the heater full blast, he reaches into the backseat and then places a hoodie in my hands which I accept hesitantly but after he gives me a look that says 'your hypothermic right now' I shrug it on and stare directly in front of me.

"Are you okay?" He starts to ask

"Wessie" I start but get cut off by him

"God what if I didn't come Gracie" he puts a hand on the back of his neck rubbing it.

"Wessie" I try again but am cut off once again

"What would've happened to you-"

"Logan" my voice thick with impatience

"I'm okay, look at me. I'm fine I promise" I say comforting him, and some stupid part inside me possess me to place my hand over his on the steering wheel rubbing it, I watch as he watches our overlapped hands and then once realising what I am doing I quickly remove my hand and place it back on my lap.

I watch as his eyes get covered by disappointment?

I take a deep breath before continuing looking straight at the road ahead.

"I'm sorry Gracie"
"I'm really fucking sorry"

I know he is, but I can't just forgive him because then he will just do it again and then again and again.

"Let's just go home" I take a deep breath and look out of the window.

We enter the driveway of our house and as soon as he puts the car in park I exit the car and walk towards my room taking a handful of the hoodie in my hands.

As I lay in my bed I end up staring at the hoodie draped over my desk chair, inhaling the smell from all the way across the room.

His smell.

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