23 : Deserve

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Kissing Gracie and then calling it an mistake was not on my card for what was going to happen tonight, I fucked up. Real bad.

My night started with watching Jake flirt with Gracie, it pissed me off.

And its ended with Gracie in my hands one minute and slipping through them in a second, I didn't mean to call the kiss an mistake if anything I wanted it to last forever.

She felt warm against my cold body. She felt right.

But in my peripheral vision I saw JJ and though he wasn't looking at us, just the view of his smile made me feel like a criminal.

I couldn't treat Gracie right, I couldn't treat her like how she deserved to be. Because she deserves the world and everything in it and if I could give it to her I would, I would give her any fucking thing she ask for.

I watch her as she walks away from me shouting her name, I don't move my feet.

I keep them in place.

Because I am fucking stupid.

I walk towards the living room, more than anything I want to run up to Gracie and beg her to forgive me and then hold her forever but I can't.

She deserves more than me, more than I can give her.

"Yo cap" Joey says hugging me,

"Logan, I have been looking for you" Ava the girl who was in my bed the day Gracie came, she has a grin on her face and her tits are almost spilling out, it doesn't turn me on though all it does is make a scowl appear on my face.

"I'm not interested Ava" I say trying to move past her, she puts her arm out stopping me.

"Why? You pined over for me for weeks and now you just don't. Is there someone else?" She asks scowling up at me.

"Yeah there is, so go away" I say finally making it past her.

She's perfect, everything about Gracie is perfect. And I could never have her.

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