42 : Girlfriend

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Walking into the stadium in the second period was something new, it was also something new when I bought tickets for in the back of the stadium.

I watch proudly as Archie slams one of the guys from the opposing team, causing them to lose the puck, JJ swiftly swoops in to retrieve it and I feel myself cheering louder as I watch JJ pass it to Logan.

Logan moves with the puck gracefully and I watch in awe as he manoeuvres himself through the strong defence from the other team.

He shoots the puck with only a minute left of game time, the puck looks like it's going to the bottom left and I watch as the goalie moves his body to block the bottom left, the puck slices through the air and skins the head of the goalie and lands in the top right of the goal.

The crowd goes insane, I stand up and scream my lungs out hoping that they can hear me somehow.

The man I love is standing on the rink and he just won the freaking championships.


Winning the championships is an unreal feeling, a feeling, a feeling that feels empty.

Shooting the puck I thought I would at least feel something, some happiness. And I did, I felt the euphoria. But then it left, hockey doesn't control my life and that shot proved it to me.

When we got home from the bar JJ still hadn't celebrated with me all night and I was on the edge of my nerves.

"Have you spoken to Gracie?" I ask him because I haven't heard from her since two days ago, he turns to scowl at me, dropping his hockey bag.

"She's at her parents"

"What. But she's not close with them" I say because I assume JJ knows how mean Gracie's parents were to her.

"You have no right to know that" he says and that's where the line stopping me from shouting at him breaks, because he has no right choosing what she can or not do.

"Oh shut it Anderson, you have no right telling her what to do. She already feels bad enough because of me, you don't have any fucking rights to be mad at her. Be mad at me for all I care, hate me all you want but don't you dare drag her down" I snap,

"I'm not the one making her cry" he shouts back at me, I close my eyes for a brief moment, he struck a nerve there.

"Yes but that is between us, my failure to communicate with her. You have absolutely no place in our relationship"

"Oh so now it's a relationship" he scoffs out, Archie comes to the room and tries to pry JJ off my back. He has stepped closer in an attempt to intimidate me, but with my 6'3 height towering over his 6'1 height he fails.

"I'm trying my hardest not to punch you right now Anderson" I growl out

"Punch me, we both know she will never forgive you anyway"

"Shut up"

"She won't forgive you for using her for sex" he shouts louder

"I didn't fucking use her for sex!!! How have you been so blind to see that I am obsessed with her, obsessed with the air she breathes, the way she laughs, the lines of her smile. I am obsessed with her."

"Because I am so fucking deeply in love with her" I shout at him, he goes quiet.

"You love her?" He asks quietly backing away,

"So fucking much, it's not healthy. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I will die proving it to her or I will die an untouched man. She means the fucking world to me JJ, she is my world. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, I am bewitched by her." I say, he looks me in the eyes before his eyes landing on something behind me and a small smile creeps onto his face.

"You love me?" A quiet voice whispers, I snap around and my gaze meets a wide pair of blue eyes.

"Gracie-" I whisper

"Do you love me?" She asks her tone more demanding now

"So fucking much baby" those four words are all it takes for her to take three long strides over to me, she wraps her arms around my neck and I waste no time picking her up as she wraps her legs around my waist.

I pepper kisses all over her skin until I reach her nose and rest my forehead on hers,

"I love you too, so much" she whispers, my heart skips a beat and I can't help the massive smile appear on my face.

I lean into her face, our lips inches apart, she breaks first and connects them. I've never felt more like home when I'm with her, the woman I love, who loves me.

"She does love you a lot actually, gave me a whole ass speech" JJ says from somewhere behind us, I raise my hand and flip him off while continuing marking my lips on every piece of flesh of Gracie.

"Wait" Gracie says pulling away causing me to frown.

"Before we go any further, does this mean we are together? Like your my boyfriend and I am your girlfriend." She asks

"Fuck yeah baby, I'm your boyfriend" I finish for her, she smiles widely. God I would do anything to make her smile. She then goes back in our kiss as I lead her upstairs.

I lead my girlfriend upstairs.

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