29 : Oh

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"Thank you for paying Jake" I say as we get into Jakes car to drive home, to drive back to where Logan is.

"No problem, did you like it?" He says asking about the Italian restaurant we just ate at.

"Yeah" I say trying my my best to put on a fake smile, I really can't cry in his car right now.

It took all my self control not to give into Logan and go on the date, I'm happy I got out of there but this thing with Jake, I don't think there will be a second date. I can't lead him on like this especially when my heart is with someone else, someone who doesn't want me.

He pulls up to the driveway of my house, I sit in the car as he gets out to open me door, I give him a small smile before we both walk up to the door.

"Thanks for tonight" I say turning towards him,

"Will there be a second date?" He says looking eager,

"No I'm sorry, and I hate to give you the it's not you it's me speech but, it's all me" I say,

"Is it because of Logan?" He asks looking me in my eyes, I don't say anyone but my silence says it all.

"It's okay, I see the way he looks at you from across the room, he looks at you like you hung up the god damn moon, I see it in the way you look at him as well. Just be careful" he says as I nod,

He leans forward and his lips touch my forehead  as he kisses me gently, I don't feel the tingles that I felt when Logan kissed me. The front door opens and he pulls away startled, I turn and look at an angry Logan and I swear if Jake wasn't here right now I would be sobbing.

"Bye Gracie, I'll see you in class" he says to me before turning and walking back to his car, when I hear him drive off I turn to look at the man in the doorway.

I look at him before ducking and slipping into the house,

"Gracie wait" he shouts after me but I continue walking.

"Please Gracie" he says as he finally reaches me at the top of the stairs, turning my body towards  him.

"If you are going to give me that whole speech-" I start saying before he cuts me off,

"My parents are coming" he says looking down at me, I hold my breath because I knew how much Logan dislikes them.


"Next week" he breathes out at the same time as me, and I go on my tip toes to hug him, I don't know why I do but maybe because I know we both need it, I need to feel safe again, and I feel safe with him.

"Goodnight Logan" I say letting go of him and walking back to my room.

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