9 : Assumptions

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Walking into a bar full of hockey men wasn't on my bingo card of what would happen tonight, yeah maybe when Logan asked me if I wanted to come I got a little bit excited.

I didn't think I was actually going to come but when I called Liz my friend she immediately said I should go and that even if I swore off hockey players it would fine if I just dipped my toes in the water.

It took me a whole hour to pick my outfit and do my hair, I had Liz on FaceTime with me helping me pick an outfit and in the end we choose a black mini skirt and a simple black tank top. I blew out my hair so it was classy but messy and applied a small wing to my make up with a classic red lip and to finish my outfit I paired it with some knee high boots and a black blazer because the chill is coming into the air.

Walking into falcons I was literally shaking, I walked in and took in the scene scoping out my of my roommates. The first one I saw was JJ by the pool table with some other guys, while I made my way over there I tried to ignore all the stares and scowls directed at me.

"Woah" JJ says stating at me in disbelief, his eyes rake my outfit as well as the two other guys he is with. Immediately one of the guys starts talking.

"Hey, I'm Payton. Basketball" a blonde guy says with a cute smile

"Gracie" I say with a wide smile,
"I have a friend who plays basketball do you know him, his name is jake"

"Yeah, jakes our captain. Usually comes to these things but not today I guess"

I get introduced to the other guy who is a sophomore like Archie, his name is Michael and he also plays for hockey with my roommates.

While they are in a conversation I allow my eyes to gaze around the bar, they lock eyes with a pair of amber eyes, very attractive amber eyes.

Logan's eyes roam my outfit before looking back up at me, I can't tell what he is covering behind his eyes but I probably don't like it.

I turn my gaze back to Payton who is talking about finals, but every now and then I let my gaze stray back to Logan and every time he already is looking at me with a grin on his face.

"You and cap a thing?" Micheal says nodding his head towards Logan's direction which makes me nearly choke on my diet coke,

"What no" I say quickly, I turn my eyes to JJ who is just staring at me grinning,

"It's just I would've thought because he has been looking at you all night" Micheal continues, why does he continue, I feel a blush creep onto my face and I turn away only to be met with a hard chest, I look up hoping it to be Archie but I can already tell by the golden tanned arms that it's not.

Logan stands in front of me staring down at me with a smug grin on his stupid attractive face, I look around and notice that more guys have joined around the pool table and I recognise a few faces one of them being Nathan and Ed who is wrapped up with a stunning ginger girl, who I assume is his girlfriend, hopefully.

"Hey Gracie" Logan says smiling

"Hey Wessie" I say as I flip him off while hearing a few snickers from the other guys, I walk away from Logan and lean against the wall next to Archie,

"You still pissed at him" Archie says putting a hand around my shoulders, as I lean into him.

"Yep" I say popping the p

He nods and just lets us sit in silence, I love Archie. He is so sweet I swear his heart is made of candy.

I'm in the middle of a conversation with Archie when the ginger girl who was wrapped around ed comes in front of us.

"Hi I'm Emma, Ed's girlfriend" she says smiling at me, she is a bit shorter than me maybe 5'4.

"Hi I'm Gracie, I'm their roommate" I point to Archie

"It's so good seeing a girl face, I swear these guys never bring anyone to meet the team." I laugh because I would've expected them all to brag about the hockey team to all the female population that would listen but after Emma explains that these bitches believe the bar meet ups to be private, I begin to think they are low key part of a cult.

"Are you coming to the charity skate?"

"Maybe, I will see"

She gets pulled away by ed but not before saying that we should hangout, I walk back to the pool table watching everyone play.

"Here Gracie, I'll teach you" Nathan says grinning at me, sexist of him to assume I don't know how to play.

I don't know how to play.

I walk over to Nathan and raise the stick bending over a bit to be able to get a good view point, I see Logan with JJ in front of me so I look up at him smiling while he just scowls at something behind me.

"Can I help you?" Nathan says, I can feel him staring at me from behind, I don't like it but I choose to ignore it because 'dipping my toes in the water' as Liz said.

I nod my head allowing him to touch me, his hands slip to the curves of my hip and his front is flushed against my back. I lean forward a bit and he follows suit, it's a sexual position no doubt. I hear a few wolf whistles from others but ignore it, I look up again just in time to see Logan walk to the bar angrily.

We finish the game and Nathan asks to take me to the dance floor which I politely decline, sitting in the booth I chat with ed and Emma about how they met and apparently they met three years ago in freshman year.

"Would you do me this dance cupcake?" JJ asks me coming up towards the booth, I make a face at the nickname he gave me in high school but reluctantly nod at him with a wide smile on my face as he takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor.

I loop my arms around his neck and he places his hands on my hips as we sway together, a few minutes later we get separated as it has gotten very crowded but I continue dancing.

Minutes later I feel a body behind me and cold hands on my waist, not caring who it is and being a bit tipsy I let myself grind against them resulting in a groan from mystery man.

I feel hot breathe on my neck as he leans down to I assume whisper something in my ear,

"Hi Gracie" I could recognise that voice anywhere.

"Hi Wessie" I reply out of breath, grinding harder.

I don't know what possess me to grind on him harder but I'm Defense if there was a greek god in human form behind you and you had the opportunity to grind on him then you would take it.

His hands travel up and down my body and we continue like this until Archie calls us telling us it's time to go. Part of me is disappointed. A stupid part of me.

We all go back to the entrance getting into the van taxi because some of them are coming back to ours.

We enter the van and as I look around the car there is no fucking space, I see Emma on Ed's lap in the back and turn my attention back to the guy in front of me, Nathan.

He pats his lap with a smug grin on his face inviting me to sit on his lap, I don't like Nathan, its not that he is a bad person but I don't want to be one of those girls he plays. I look to the other seats for other options, Joey is in the middle of Nathan and Logan, I look to Logan and he tilts his head a bit telling me to come round.

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