33 : Im ready

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Showing up to Logan's hockey game wearing his jersey was definitely something bold of me, what made it worth it was watching Logan's eyes immediately fill with lust when he saw me and a bonus was the tantrum JJ threw.

Did I appreciate the attention I got from Luke today, not one fucking bit. But after talking with him for a bit he seemed like a genuinely nice guy which is partly why I go out celebrating with the guys after their game.

"Hi Gracie, nice jersey you wore to the game" Logan says sliding up next to me at the booth, he speaks so quietly that only I can hear it not the other four people people at the booth, only me.

That's what Logan makes me feel like, he makes me feel like I'm the only person in the room and god is it the best feeling.

Although he pisses me off most of the time he always finds a way to make me smile, and I have no doubt he will continue doing so.

I jab him in the ribs because of his comment which results in Logan kneeling over howling in pain and JJ and Archie to lean over and choke on their drinks laughing.

"Nice game tonight wessie" I say after a few minutes of small talk with the group, his gaze turns towards me and a genuine smile tugs on the corners of his lips as he looks down at me in...awe?

"Nice to know you were watching me baby" he says winking, his smile falls off his lips as we both  watch Luke Beckett stalk towards our booth.

"I'm pretty sure you owe me a dance pretty girl" Luke says stopping in front of our booth.

"She doesn't owe you anything" JJ says at the same time Logan growls out "fuck no" from his side of the booth next to me. A silent laugh escapes me earning a warning glance from JJ and a possessive hand from Logan wraps around my shoulders, I have to hand it to Luke for not walking away while three massive hockey players glare at him and a tiny ginger haired girl scowling at him.

"It's fine" I sigh out as they all turn to look at me with shocked faces, I look back at Luke who has an amused expression on his face as he watches this unfold.

I usually stay away from a hockey crowd I don't know but tonight I will let it slide as I am in too much of a good mood to let anything ruin it.

"You heard that boys" Luke howls out, Logan immediately stands up but I quickly make my way around him and am able stand in front of him restricting his actions on Luke.

"I swear to god Beckett -" JJ starts but I don't bother looking at him as I answer him, my gaze locked onto Logan's as I squeeze his hand.

"JJ I'm fine, it's okay" I say still not looking at JJ,

"Logan, I will be fine." I say lightly squeezing his hand again, the urge to calm him overpowering me, his shaky eyes soften at me.

"If he does anything, I swear Gracie. You tell me" he says whispering to me and I'm quite sure we have earned an audience of stares but I couldn't care less right now, I nod gently before hesitantly letting go of his hand and making my way towards the dance floor with Luke.

"I would never hurt you, I hope you know that Gracie. I only say those things to rile them up" Luke assures me while he places my hands on his neck while his land on my waist,

I knew who Luke was before I talked to him in today, his godly looks set him apart from the rest and I mean no exaggeration. He has dark brown hair which are paired with his mysterious brown eyes, his body is fit as fuck and his face is so damn pretty.

Also since he has well known in the college hockey world and the hockey world since his father is a legacy for the Boston Bruins, he is amazing on the ice and he carries the puck with so much grace.

But I mostly know him because of the scandal that came out seven years ago when I was thirteen, I vividly remember my parents talking about it at the dinner table all week. His father was claimed of abusing his two kids and wife by an article who apparently had an inside source, I don't know how his father was able to not lose his job and power due to the accusations but low and behold to this day it didn't change his position only the view of him in my eyes whether it was fake or not

"You act like a tough guy Luke when I am certain you are just a fluffy teddy bear inside" I say poking at his hard chest, he lets out a raspy laugh and I would be lying if I said that wasn't attractive.

"If you continue poking me your boyfriend is going to walk over here and punch me" he says his gaze moves behind me and me being curious I also turn my head.

Logan meets my gaze before they turn back burning holes at the hand Luke has wrapped around my waist.

"He's not my boyfriend" I say as I turn back to look at Luke who grins down at me.

"Oh really?" Luke says amused

"We are just friends"

"The way he is looking at you tonight like you are his entire world doesn't really seem like you guys are just friends to me" Luke says as I let out a sigh.

"I've known Logan for a long time, used to go to high school with him actually-" my brows shoot up because Logan never mentioned that,

"He has never once looked at anyone the way he looks at you, god when you see me act like that towards someone please slap me" he says letting out a small laugh, his fingers tuck a loose stand of my hair behind my ears as he opens his mouth ready to say something before being pushed away.

Luke looks at me and then the 6'3 dude who just shoved him,

"Told ya" he says winking at me
"See ya around Owen's"

I turn to look up at the guy who just shoved my dance partner out of the way, he eyes me with curiosity before placing his hands on my waist, I loop my arms around his neck.

"JJ might kill you" I say looking up at him,

"It's worth it" Logan hums, I drop my head against his chest allowing myself to feel comfort, sanctuary...a home for the the first time in my life. That's what Logan is beginning to feel like to me and it scares the shit out of me.

"Logan?" I ask him, he hums in my hair waiting for the rest of my question.

"What are we doing?" I ask tilting my head up to look at him, he looks down at me and a small smile tugs on his lips. 

"Whatever you want, whenever you are ready" he kisses my forehead and pulls me back into his chest, I grip onto his shirt and lean into him.

"No sex, that's my only rule" I say before turning around and making my way back to the booth.

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